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The Numerology Guidebook - Michelle Buchanan

If you’re looking to learn everything there is to know about numerology in a simple and easy-to-understand way, The Numerology Guidebook is the ultimate book to teach you.
Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced numerologist, The Numerology Guidebook will show you how to forecast the future and calculate a personal chart for yourself as well as your children, partner, family, and friends.
Numerology is the ancient science of numbers that reveals your future potential and the blueprint of your life. Whether you’re searching for self understanding, predicting the future, or looking to choose the ideal career, partner, home, date, or name – the answers are written in your ‘numbers’.
Personality profiling and forecasting the future
Your destiny, life purpose, life lessons, and life cycles
Changing and choosing a name (especially after marriage or divorce)
House numbers, pet numbers, and recurring numbers
Number compatibility and ideal career choices
Children’s numbers and parenting by the numbers
Manifesting by the numbers to achieve your goals
Wedding day numbers
Choosing a business name or baby name
Choosing the ideal time to: find love, focus on your career, move house, save money, travel, get married, change jobs, have children, end a relationship, study, work on your personal or spiritual development, create a fresh start, or prepare for endings

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