Learn to Massage

Aroha clients often ask us if we can teach them basic massage techniques to have the ability to give their partner a loving, flowing massage that feels great at home.

In our 'learn to massage' sessions, we will teach you a combination of beautiful long, flowing Aroha Bodywork massage strokes, energy work and how to give a deeply healing massage that is powerfully felt by your partner, yet simple in its delivery.

Depending on how much you wish to learn, we can teach you until you are totally massage competent in Aroha healing techniques including loving connection for a healthy relationship.

We will teach you how to give from your heart and that this form of massage is just as wonderful to give as it is to receive - the perfect gift for in-between your visits to Aroha. 


Learn to massage your partner (one hour each minimum): $250 per hour, per person
1 hour each person - 2 hours: $500
1.5 hours each person - 3 hours: $750
2 hours each person - 4 hours: $1000
Add On
Ceremonial grade cacao - 20min $20
Aroha Energy Mists  $38
Aroha Ritual Oil  $65