Rongoā Māori ACC

*ACC Rongoā Māori sessions at Aroha are in high demand. We are now fully booked until September/October 2024.

Rongoā Māori is available to all New Zealanders through an ACC claim. Rosanna is an ACC registered Rongoā Māori provider. 

To access this pathway you will need to get a referral from you GP or therapist, then inform your ACC case manager or ACC assisted recovery team of your request for service.

Your claim must be approved by the ACC Recovery team and we require an email outlining the approval of sessions and PO number from your case manager, prior to making a booking.  Session times are 50minutes duration.

The ACC code for Rongoā Māori is MTH10 and our vendor code is VBB498 and can also be found under Aroha Love.

Rosanna can help with recovery from an accident or injury and assist with sensitive claims. You can email or call 0800 222 435 ext 12 or 13 to speak with ACC. 

About Rongoā Māori

In traditional Māori medicine, ailments are treated in a holistic manner.

Rongoā Māori is the traditional Māori healing system. This ancient lore, including plant use, massage, and incantations, has been passed down through many generations.

Over many years of practicing ancient healing bodywork and mirimiri, Rosanna has created a beautiful flow of mirimiri at Aroha including kanikani (rhythmic dance) and differing levels of pressure. Calming the nervous system, mind, body, spirit and supporting the release of trauma held within the tissues of the body.  

In Māori Philosophy, Mirimiri is a vibrational exchange between our Earth Mother (Papatuānuku) and the Goddess of the Sea (Hine Moana).

We first clear our healing space (whakawātea) utilising blessed sea salt water (wai tai/wai tapu) and progressing with a Karakia.

Māori medicine at Aroha, ailments are treated in a holistic spiritual manner with: 

Mirimiri (healing bodywork)
Honohono energy healing
Whitiwhiti kōrero (support and advice)
Karakia (prayer)

Who can access these ACC treatments?

Anyone with a new or current ACC claim that has been approved and sent to us by ACC.

What can be treated?

Anything from a physical injury to sensitive claims. 

What is your surcharge?

No surcharge. 

How often can I come?

You are entitled to 16 sessions and can visit according to availability.


ACC bookings are 50mins in duration 10am-4pm. We need to have received approval from ACC with your details prior to booking. Existing ACC clients - if you need to change your booking please contact us to do this for you, please do not reschedule yourself as we have allocated ACC booking times.