Kia ora! Thank you all for the Aroha.

Rosanna kindly came into our facility to help us celebrate International Women’s Day. This was a day of celebration, empowerment and togetherness for our female residents. Rosanna ran an Aroha Bellydancing class and the class was perfect for the day. Rosanna’s beautiful and warm presence helped the women connect to their bodies and feminine power. Many experience body image and self-esteem issues so it was beautiful to see them embrace their inner power and let go into their bodies. The residents gave the following feedback:

‘I would like to have Rosanna back as part of the programme. I found this extremely meaningful on all levels.'

‘Was so much fun! I had no idea about how to activate chakras and that there was so much meaning behind belly dancing.’

‘I loved this! Perfect activity/choice of activity for the day. It was fun, confidence-building and the instructor was wonderful.’

‘LOVED THIS. I felt so grounded and grateful to have learnt chakra unblocking techniques through this method.’

The experience was empowering and bonding for both staff and residents and brought the women together. Can’t recommend Rosanna enough, her grace and groundedness are infectious. Personally, I struggle to allow myself to let go in terms of body movement and dancing but she provided an incredibly safe space to do this. I enjoyed it, and discovered a side of myself that I didn’t even know was there and I know our women felt the same.

We would have Rosanna back in a heartbeat. -Rachael Mason

Higher Ground, Drug Rehabilitation Trust.  

Aroha Candles

I've used candles for many years and never given them much more thought other than "that smells nice", but after experiencing an Aroha Candle — Tu Kaha (grounding) — it was instantly clear that there's so much more to these candles. Not only is the blend aromatically beautiful and well balanced, but it's no exaggeration to say you can actually feel the energy, intention, and Aroha that goes into the entire creation process. It's been such a pleasure to bring these candles into my own personal meditation rituals and also create a beautiful space for my clients within the facial room. - Keely Watson

"Aroha Candles are beautifully and energetically aligned to bring the most divine light, tinged with delicate fragrances to delight your senses.  I love the thought and love put into the whole creation of the range, from the ceremony of pouring the candles, and depth of meaning behind each candle in the range, to the awesome heart logo and packaging that is purely Aroha.  These are candles with meaning and are a pure pleasure to enjoy, no matter what the occasion or mood." - Margery Pryor, Auckland

"These candles are simply the best I have ever brought. The scents that Rosanna creates are exotic and intoxicating. I burn a candle every night before I go to sleep. I just love using them. I've also given them as gifts for friends and family who all adore them. There is something magical in every Aroha Candle and once you try one you'll know what I mean!" - Angela Maurice, Auckland

"Aroha Candles are just that - full of love. I had one or two before I embarked on my 'chemo' journey, and always have one burning when I am doing a tarot reading. So I have two perspectives to give regarding the candles. As a clairvoyant tarot reader it is wonderful to have the energy and light of a candle that is created here in this country and that is 'of' this place; also that they are made with care because that is important when doing a reading for someone. The smallest detail when creating a reading space is important - from the cards to the candles; Aroha Candles are perfect. They have a subtle energy that is not overpowering; the aroma is soft and gorgeous. They are perfect for ritual and spiritual work.

The other perspective is from my journey with Rosanna and Ben in a healing sense. Since I commenced an 18 week chemo cycle I have been having a weekly session with Rosanna; and a rather lovely ritual has evolved; I come out of the session, shut my eyes and pick a candle - it is always right! I burn it for that week. It supports the work that I have done in that session. For example the first session was certainly self love; and I chose the 'Aroha' candle at random. Another week I was right into a creative mood - and picked a creative candle ‘Whakaputa Korero’, then the week I had gotten through my first 21 days of chemo I picked 'celebration'. I know what Ben puts into these candles, and there is healing, love, pride of work and the essence of Aroha itself. I know these candles are helping me on my journey. As a Druid I love that they have our native trees and plants as elements, and they are organic. They are simply perfect." - Jackie Pope, Auckland

"The Aroha Candles are truly beautiful. From the scent, to the packaging, to the thoughts and feelings that have gone into the making of them. I have bought them for myself, and as gifts for family and friends, and they are fabulous. I currently have the Aroha one burning at home and just love it. The toughest decision you'll have to make is which of the beautiful candles you will take home first! With so many lovely options it is difficult to pick - so just get a few of them and you'll feel better for it." - Stephannie Ferris, Auckland

"I landed on the steps of the Aroha centre early February completely exhausted with the daily cycle of my busy life, amongst the yoga, belly dancing and healing massage I have discovered these beautiful healing candles. These candles have such heart-felt intention from the creative fusion of Rosanna and Ben that the burning of them, either through candle mediation or to light daily before or after work plays a significant role to maintain my wellbeing, the healing from these candles for me has been like a warm scented hug for the soul’

‘With a wedding planned for November I am just so excited to add an extra layer of love; a large Aroha healing candle will be lit during the ceremony, as a symbol of joining our beautiful crazy family, and the small Aroha Candle will be the wedding gift to our guests, as a symbol of love for each other and for our guests." - Anna Van Meygaarden, Auckland

"Aroha Candles are beautifully packaged and presented in a classic yet modern jar with an adorable heart symbol based on a traditional Maori design. The candles are hand poured and the oils are carefully selected with specific intentions which is perfect for my different moods and intentions. Rosanna infuses them with Reiki energy and healing, loving energy that shines every time I burn my candle! They give a soft, beautiful glow while burning and the smell from the oils is like no other candle I have had before. The candles add to the ambiance while meditating, reading a great book, or just laying in bed on a rainy day. The scents are calming, relaxing, soothing and inspiring. Aroha Candles have gone international in my family and my Mom in Canada loves her candle as much as I love mine here in Auckland.  I can't not say enough great things about them, and I use these candles everyday in my meditation practice"! - Alyssa Sanders, Auckland & Canada

My sister gave me an Aroha Candle for my birthday and from the moment I saw it I was in love. The packaging is just beautiful and they have an amazing aroma when burning. I love to give people in my life a special gift from the heart and for me that is exactly what Aroha Candles are.  Being a NZer living overseas I also love that I can give friends something special from my country. They really are poured filled with so much pure Aroha (love) and you can feel it when it is burning. - Julie Hollis, Melbourne

Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapies

'I came to Aroha to assist me with my fertility journey. I have a low AMH and prior to engaging the help of Aroha I had already done three rounds of IVF. My hope was that the treatments they offer would increase my chances of conceiving either naturally or with future rounds of IVF. I was looked after by Rosanna who instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease.

Rosanna recommended a course of Arvigo treatments. This involved a series of amazing fertility massages and steam sessions at the clinic. Also by demonstrating how to do these to myself at home she helped me connect more deeply to my body and grow a stronger awareness of how I was thinking and feeling about myself. It was a powerful process which boosted me physically, mentally, emotionally and contributed strongly to being able to remain optimistic during an extremely difficult time.

Rosanna is a beautiful positive woman who I looked forward to seeing each week. She is extremely knowledgeable, genuinely caring, gentle, totally professional and treats you as an individual tailoring her care to your unique circumstances.

I have recently fallen pregnant naturally and I attribute this joy in part to the care Rosanna and Aroha have provided.

I could not recommend Aroha more highly'.

~ J. Newell

Rosanna from Aroha is a miracle worker. I've had a number of Arvigo and Steam treatments from her leading up to fertility treatment which resulted in a pregnancy. I have no doubt that the work I did with Rosanna prepared my womb for the implantation of the embryo. I also found the treatment incredibly relaxing and it relieved stress in a way that I had not experienced before. In the past my stomach had always felt quite tight and I had lots of digestion issues. The self-care Rosanna taught me transformed my stomach into a soft stress free zone in a very short amount of time. I felt connected to my whole body and felt more alive. Once I have my baby I will be going straight back to Rosanna for after birth care. I believe that every woman would benefit from this treatment no matter what your circumstances are. I could not recommend this treatment with Rosanna more highly.'

~ Angela Maurice

My first vaginal steam and Arvigo abdominal treatment at Aroha was one of the most relaxing treatments I have experienced with profound results. Not only did it bring my awareness to the part of my body I was previously not nourishing, I now have pain-free, cramp-free menstrual cycles.  Everything has changed for the better'

~ Laura

I have been visiting Rosanna regularly for the last few years, but usually for massage and general treatments.  Over this time Rosanna has become aware of a number of my challenges: digestive issues following gastric sleeve surgery, irregular and sometimes extremely long and heavy periods and the biggest and the most impactful one for my husband and I... infertility.

About a year ago Rosanna introduced me to the concept of Arvigo therapy, and helped me understand what it was about, where it stemmed from and what the possible benefits for me could be. I wanted some time to consider it, and as always Rosanna was there for any questions I had on the topic. 

After a few months of trying to get our timing right I had my first Arvigo session - starting with the vaginal steam, then the arvigo massage and finally the self-care or homework as Rosanna calls it!  To begin with, the steam felt a little disconcerting however, after a few minutes I started to deeply relax.
Rosanna makes the process extremely respectful and private and ensures that you feel comfortable. By the time the first treatment was over I was relaxed, felt like I had done something good for myself and I had some tools to help on an ongoing basis. 

Following further treatments and discussions over the coming months I shared with Rosanna that we were starting IVF and I was concerned that all the science and medication would get in the way. While the medical process was important to us I wanted to ensure that there was a holistic element to the journey to help me feel like we were assisting - to me this was the continuation of Arvigo, timed specifically around egg collection and reintroduction. 

Rosanna's learning and experience had been that by aligning the treatment in particular to the egg collection timing helped the womb be in a healthier and softened state to better assist the medical process. With this in mind we progressed, and I have to say that it certainly helped my/our process.  For me Arvigo has helped me with understanding that self-care is just as important as the treatment itself - and in addition to this it has become more the regular activity that I undertake, as the treatment I had prior to the egg harvesting was my last one. That is because we were extremely lucky enough to become pregnant in our first round of IVF. 

While I'm sure there are many medical explanations or assumptions as to why this was the case for us, I like to think it was because we took a combined approach of holistic and western medicine and did what felt right to us.  From my perspective once our baby boy has arrived (due in 11 weeks time) I will be looking to continue Arvigo care with Rosanna and would highly recommend anyone in a similar situation as myself to give it a try.

~ Stephannie W.

'I met Rosanna 2 years ago and she helped me during a difficult time. Her massages are divine, her energy so strong and now the Maya massage is extraordinary. I wish Rosanna would live closer to Switzerland!'

~ Christine Jaggi

Having been on fertility treatment for well over a year and sitting on a waiting list for IVF I took the plunge and flew to Auckland to get the Aroha Arvigo abdominal massage done. Between this treatment and the home care massage and steaming I don't believe that conceiving on my very next cycle was a coincidence. This treatment really worked for me! It let me connect with my body and release years of congestion. Over the moon and forever thankful for finding this treatment and also to Rosanna for the continued support/communication after treatment! Fully recommend to anyone struggling to have a baby!’ A+++

Sacred Feminine Retreat September 2016

‘The sacred feminine retreat was simply heavenly, this being my third retreat, I use this space to reconnect with myself and gain so much from connecting with other like-minded woman. Whilst the beginning of the retreat always brings some apprehension, this quickly gives way to caring, sharing beautiful healing energy, as we are all there for various yet similar reasons; to simply learn to receive and give love to ourselves and others. I am so grateful for the dynamic, interesting and inspirational woman I meet – they truly are heroes. Rosanna facilitates such a sacred safe space where I feel I can just be me, and that is a blessing’ ~ Anna

'Sacred Feminine workshop is for every woman. I enjoyed the weekend so much. Great place, incredible girls and lovely schedule created an unforgettable experience full of laughter (so much laughter), relaxing massages, meditation and insight to my inner self. I left feeling calm, balanced and confident to be myself - strong feminine mystical goddess. I wish it was more often'. ~ Petra

Sacred Feminine Retreat July 2015

The beautiful tranquil setting and amazing Whare made the perfect backdrop to what was an awesome journey of discovery for a group of beautiful wahine.  We became soul sisters over the weekend, with all the interference and barriers of busy daily life put aside while we re-learnt about what it is to be feminine - the very essence of being women. Rosanna creates a safe and beautiful space for us to explore, learn and practice.  I have taken away so much and recommend every woman wanting to rejuvenate and enliven their most intimate relationships, needs to do this course and connect back with the lost art of movement and sensuality.

This weekend has provided a space for encouraged healing and knowledge.  What was learnt this weekend is an integral part of being a woman.  Being woman is beautiful, I am beautiful, my past is beautiful as is my future.

This weekend allowed me to celebrate and cherish my feminine essence and power that has been hidden and stagnant for years.  Thank you for reminding me how important this part of myself  is to truly walk my path and be authentically me in the world.  And how important and beautiful our connection can be with our partners when truly honoured.  

Being together with women to learn about ourselves energetically, spiritually, sexually was an empowering process

~ Caitlin

The Sacred Feminine Retreat is such a beautiful workshop. Learning and experiencing ancient rituals and movements to awaken and celebrate who we are. Rosanna is an amazing teacher with an extensive knowledge behind her and a teaching style that makes you feel love and support.

The Sacred feminine retreat 2 had  a beautiful flow on from retreat 1, it was time spent with beautiful like minded woman, sharing feelings, sharing goals for ourselves based on love. The weekend was lead by the gorgeous Rosanna who facilitated a sacred safe beautiful teaching space, her lovely support crew provided nutritious beautiful meals to keep our belly's well full and nourished as so we could focus on the goal of learning, learning how to bring and weave 'tantra'  into our lives. 

The beautiful healing power of touch was explored in a safe sacred way, I feel a warm radiance  of inner strength in my soul following this weekend. I have come from a place of fear, always feeling a little different , but now I know not too, as the healing power of woman learning and sharing shared  experience over the weekend  has lifted me to fill myself with acts of love and kindness. I can grow to feel, give and receive love, and there is no higher power or strength than love.

~ Anna

Sacred Feminine Retreat June 2015

What a wonderful weekend with amazing women led by the beautiful Rosanna.  To connect with myself and others and learn about the sacred feminine is a gift, Rosanna created such a safe space for me to discover and awaken my power, with lots of laughter. Thank you.

~ Elaine 

I highly recommend the Aroha Sacred Feminine Retreat. Rosanna's style is amazingly nurturing, she makes sure that the retreat is a safe environment for all participants, and importantly she provides a wealth of information and experience that connects women to their personal power and sense of the sacred. This is the first step of an important journey for me, and I look forward to working with Rosanna again.

~ Liana

This course has been perfect timing in every way.  Every woman should experience and learn about this and Rosanna teaches in such a beautiful and safe way.  Any hesitation you may have in attending should be overcome knowing this will change your life and your relationship.

~ DM

Attending this workshop has given me a focus that will provide me and my partner opportunities to explore new ways of connecting at a much deeper level than ever before.

~ Sharon

Rosanna creates a safe and nurturing space in which you can just be, veils and guards dissolve during initial activities and learning, discovering and exploring begin.  It feels like a taste of a delicious dish that you want more of.  Thank you for your gracious, powerful and heart warming feminine presence and energy.  Shine on beautiful spirit.


I loved this weekend with all of you.  I have learnt amazing things about myself in a safe, nourishing environment.  Thanks to all of you.

~ Hajni

I had a great time learning and growing with a wonderful teacher and a lovely group of women.

~ Sue

The course provides a space to go within and find my goddess as well as feel empowered in all that I am - woman!

~ Penny

A fabulous few days to step away from everyday routine and establish thought patterns and look at ways to get more pleasure out of yourself, life and your partner/relationships.

Sacred Feminine Retreat September 2014

Rosanna is a beautiful and wonderful inclusive teacher.  I found this workshop was one of the most enriching and peaceful workshops I have done. I came away feeling full of growth and peace and at peace with myself as a sacred feminine being.

~ Esme

This is the most unique and powerful life experience that every woman must live it, feel it and embrace it.  The workshop is so sacred that it's energy flows through nature and group engagement/connection.  Thank you so much Rosanna.  You are an amazing inspiration.

~ Arohanui, Sheila

A fantastic weekend!  Rosanna, you are a truly inspirational warm loving woman.  I met 11 amazing, beautiful & powerful women this weekend.  My life feels richer already.  Thank you to each & every one of you for sharing your sacred feminine.

~ Namaste, Shelley Tomkins

Rosanna, you guided us with so much relaxed confidence that I felt safe and free to openly express my feelings, share my story and ask any question I had.  You gather wonderful, interesting and open hearted women around you who are an inspiration to be with.  Thank you for your way of bringing joy and peace into the world.

~ Franziska

Rosanna exudes warmth, knowledge and patience.  This retreat was a life changing experience.

~ Danielle

The sacred feminine workshop was a lovely sharing experience with a wonderful bunch of ladies.  Everything from the venue to the mix of people, the course content and the openess of what you teach & share was very touching.  I went into the session/workshop hoping to be introduced to Yoga and Bellydance but I got so much more.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from you.

~ Stephannie

In need of change and revitalisation, I signed up for the Sacred Feminine workshop.  What a great decision.  I learnt some valuable skills and techniques, had an amazing time with some amazing ladies and felt a return to myself.  I am now looking forward, with an open heart and great expectations.

~ S.W.

I am so grateful I made the time to go on this course - and even more so, that we were connected enough to know we needed this.  It was great to have met all of you lovely ladies who have such great energy.  I am also grateful to our amazing teacher/guide Rosanna Marks who made it a safe space and enhanced a special journey we will all treasure forever.  I am still carrying the energy of the circle and trying not to procrastinate - it is time to start living!!!

~ Sarah

Sacred Feminine Retreat June 2014

I walked into the weekend a little apprehensive but open-minded , and left with eleven new friends, so much knowledge, a complete ownership and empowerment of my feminine power.  Thank you for being so patient and an amazing inspiration.  Karen

Rosanna supplied a supportive, safe, open environment to discuss sacred techniques.  Her style is casual, open and fully supportive.  Great workshop, positive, life affirming. Deb

The Sacred Feminine course has been an opening and connecting way for me to embrace my inner goddess and learn to love my feminine side.

This weekend I found myself in the safe and loving space of the group and Rosanna. I let go of hoarded emotions and beliefs and have revisited who I am, as I am. Thank you so much for the sanctuary of the weekend to do this. Thank you for the teaching about Tantra, I feel alive, I feel free of burden and I'm loving the changes I am now making in my life and in my relationships. Arohanui, Anna

Unbelievably informative learning experience, safe, challenging, interesting and enlightening. Thoroughly transformative information that will be inspiring and fun to teach and pass on.

I would like to recommend the Sacred Feminine workshop to all women to learn to get in touch with their inner goddess. Thanks to Rosanna and Ben for sharing and showing us 'Rising in Love'.

Rosanna gives her all in her preparation and delivery. Every moment shared is with love.  Thank you beautiful woman. Namaste.

To all the beautiful souls that attended Rosanna's Sacred Feminine workshop - with gratitude, respect and love I thank you all. To Rosanna our beautiful teacher - thank you for sharing your knowledge, love, intuition and guiding us to becoming our full and wondrous potential. Aloha & Mahalo Leilani

This workshop puts you in a safe guided space shared by other woman where a bond and trust is formed enabling you to nurture yourself as a container of feminine energy that is radiant and abundant - take the time so you can share what you have learnt for the rest of your life with yourself, lovers, friends and the universe.

Sacred Feminine Retreat 2013

The two days at Aio Wira centre with Rosanna were very memorable. I have learnt more about chakras and self enlightenment than I imagined, and will be able to use within my everyday life. Thanks to Rosanna and Ben.


A gentle, and strong introduction to an ancient knowledge that has stood the test of time.


This was an amazing weekend away. It allowed me to unwind, was in a magical place and I met some fantastic people. The workshop itself allowed me to work through some issues I have, how to embrace them and engage them into everyday life. I am looking forward to living a tantric lifestyle.


A healing, safe weekend, tears, laughter and most of all I have changed. Throughout the course I felt very supported by an amazing group of women. Bellydancing was fun, workshops kept you interested and life will never be the same. Thank you.


Loved the workshop!  learnt a lot that I'm excited about putting into practise!  Not only a new way to be physical in a relationship but also emotional.  Great to reconnect with my body. Learnt a lot about chakras, senses and how to feed/nourish them and me!!  Thanks for your gift of giving and sharing and also given by everyone on the course.


This workshop is a great place to learn simple techniques to build into my busy life in order to gain more balance.  The Tantra side of the workshop was enlightening and handled in a very sympathetic and open manner - it wasn't awkward or intimidating.  A lovely 2 days that have left me feeling energised, grounded and focused on living life instead of in fear and stress.  I really look forward to trying some of the techniques with my partner and developing our relationship. Thank you so much for a lovely friendly environment.


Reiki Energy Healing

I’d heard it called everything from ‘a life changer’ to ‘the emperor’s new clothes’ before I tried Reiki, and now only think of it as pure, unadulterated love. I can’t recommend Rosanna from Aroha healing hands enough, and she and her partner Ben are now also treating animals.

Helene Ravlich

Natural Beauty Journalist

Rosanna is a very warm, generous and supportive person who has helped me to work towards my goals, where I have broken through personal and professional barriers that I no longer needed. She let me see that it really is so easy to off load thoughts and values that are no longer useful, while maintaining integrity with everyone around me and to change my life by changing my thoughts. Her ability to incorporate massage, reiki, healing and coaching into one session was instrumental to this and the outcome has seen me go from my corporate existence to one of moving closer to living out my long held dream life, both professionally and personally. Without her encouragement, support and help I am not convinced that I would be doing this now.  

Liz Bloch

Reiki + Massage

I'm feeling so much better and pain free today after having a beautiful Reiki massage in Rosanna Marks' new Ponsonby clinic yesterday in Maidstone St...she has very healing hands and I slept like a baby last night!

Martin Leach

Reiki + Facial Therapy…

I just wanted to tell you how AMAZING my facial was yesterday.  I left there feeling lighter and more beautiful.  It wasn’t just the incredible massage or the beautiful products, it was the beauty & love with which you gave me the facial



A day of Aroha

“I was lucky enough to visit Rosanna and Wendy at Aroha for an entire day of rest, relaxation and nurturing recently. Like most women juggling busy lives with work, families, play and other commitments, my friend and I were in desperate need of some “me time”.  We needed to de-stress, relax, smell the roses, bottom line we needed to be pampered!  I’ve been visiting Aroha for a while now, and while we could have had a one hour massage, and gone for a coffee, we felt we deserved more J. We spoke with Rosanna who put together an amazing package which included full body massages, foot soak & massage, aromatherapy back scrubs, full facials, and a range of waxing, tweaking and maintenance! To top it off, Rosanna organised a lovely lunch of sushi for us, which we enjoyed with refreshing beverages, cheese & fruits and we also had our tarot cards read. What a gorgeous day! Rosanna and her team are just lovely people, they really care about their customers and that comes through in the Aroha inherent in every experience you have with them. We’ve walked away feeling gorgeous, refreshed, in control and grounded – I highly recommend it to all the women out there leading stressful lives! In fact, any women at all – not to be cheesy, but you are worth it!!”  Debbie Gilchrist

I can't remember the last time I had such a relaxing and enjoyable day. My friend and I took a day out of our busy working-mother lives to spend time at Aroha.
Not only was the venue a gorgeous historic Auckland building with fantastic character and lovely decor, but the service and pampering we received from Rosanna and Wendy was perfect.
My friend and I had the option to choose exactly what we wanted from the day, including waxing, massage, foot scrub, and facials. Fresh sushi and cheeseboard was included in the package for lunch, and the Tarot Card reading was icing on the cake to a wonderful day that I recommend unreservedly.
I'm looking forward to coming back because I believe I work hard and deserve a day like this regularly, as all working-mothers do (well.... all women really) Samantha

Aroha Retreat, August 2010

This is a unique experience.  Wonderful flowing nurturing and energising massage.  The combination of techniques that make up Aroha are all wonderful in their own right, but when combined are very special.  A very enjoyable and fulfilling workshop…Robyn

I would recommend the Aroha retreat to anyone who wants to open themselves up to new experiences, move past inhibitions and feel more at peace and comfortable with themselves.  I think it is a great experience for people in pairs or on their own.  You will leave feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

This was an awakening experience for me.  In life we tend to leave many doors closed but I feel at last that some fo those doors are slowly opening and I am being able to give of myself. Thank you for this opportunity.  I think we were a wonderful group of people who all seemed to have that sensitivity and desire to become more spiritual in our everyday lives.  I have made new friends.

I have had a fantastic time opening up and connecting with others and learning new healing skills, all in a beautiful natural setting. Thank you for the opportunity!

A fabulous way for couples to learn more about how to connect. Lovely people and great learnings. Thank you.

Sacred Feminine Retreat - September 2010

Attending Aroha women's retreat was a blessing. It was a powerful and cathartic experience which provided me with the knowledge and experience to move through some primary and debilitating barriers.  This is a weekend that I encourage all women to attend; to be supported in a loving and empathic embrace while being provided with the tools and experience to step forward into our power as the empress we all are.

Te whakawhetai me te whakamoemiti ki a koe Rosanna


The Aroha women’s course was a fantastic experience, you created a nurturing environment and beautiful facilitation which allowed us to open up effortlessly and integrate the true essence of the course.  Thank you for the beautiful gift. I have spoken to a lot of people about your aroha healing retreats already and am positive that you will hear from many of them in the near future.  Many of whom I have spoken to are looking for ways to connect with ourselves and their partners on a soul level.


Reiki 1 Nature Retreat August 2011

Rosanna is a genuine healer and teacher, radiating warmth and generosity in a grounded and down-to-earth way that naturally inspires others to her. Attending her Reiki 1 retreat was a deeply relaxing and healing experience for me. Rosanna held everyone in our group with gentle care, guidance and attention, supplied us some great resources and ensured that we were all well fed with delicious food. By the end of the weekend I felt reiki flowing through my hands, and felt very blessed. I am really looking forward to getting back together with all the beautiful people from our group, for monthly Reiki swaps now!

Thank you Rosanna for making the weekend such a special experience. Kate

I feel that the setting really helped to set the scene for the learning’s, it allowed the group to come together and feel at ease more quickly and also having the vegetarian diet and quiet provided a great foundation for healthy living. Having Ben with us was also a great bonus - he added a great energy but also gave everyone an opportunity to ask and learn in a way that suited them. No judgements were made over the weekend. Rosanna is a natural teacher who creates the perfect space for all to learn and grow.

The content covered exceeded expectations and I feel it was perfect for our group and our setting. What we covered gave us all an understanding at different levels as we had the opportunity to discuss and explore different experiences etc. 100% recommended! Lara

Since doing the course I have felt an essential calmness and improved relationships with family, friends and workmates. It is the one thing in my day that brings me peace even if I practice for only 5 minutes. Really look forward to continuing with Reiki. Thank you Rosanna. Janet

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in energy healing.  The course content was presented beautifully and professionally and everything flowed really well.  I left the course feeling energised and with a heightened sense of awareness.  Thanks for providing a wonderful space to learn and grow.  Debbie

A wonderful weekend, loved it all, feel like I have been re-awakened.  Thank you so much.  Glen

The weekend was an incredible escape from the ‘normality’ of everyday life.  The practice of Reiki can be adapted and learnt by anyone, and is such a wonderful self healing therapy.  Rosanna and Ben made everyone feel extremely welcome and relaxed.  It was a very special weekend. 10/10 and a gold star!!!  Jo  

Reiki 1 workshop April 2013

I attended a Reiki 1 workshop in April 2013 led by Rosanna. It very quickly became a safe, loving and accepting environment physically, emotionally and spiritually. Rosanna presented her knowledge and wide experience in such a way that I instantly felt at ease and able to focus on my intent to absorb and experience the pure love of Reiki healing via Rosanna and Benton. Vesta

"Attending Aroha Reiki weekend workshop was transformational for me"  Rosanna was a great facilitator and teacher.  I love Reiki.  Kathryn Sandford

Reiki 1 workshop February 2018

The time spent at Aroha Love with Rosanna and Benton was so informative and inspiring. The course was well organised and professional with a supportive and relaxed environment. I felt inspired to further my practise and study of Reiki. I thoroughly recommend. ~ Kimberley Webster

Learning Reiki with Rosanna and Benton was one of the most valuable experiences in my life. Their presence, the sacred space, connection, feeling the flow of the energy made the whole process wonderfully blended. ~ Hajnalka Matuz

Reiki 2 workshop July 2018

For those wishing to journey with Reiki I can recommend Rosanna and Benton from Aroha Love the dynamic of their teachings is something special.  Rosanna offers a gentle kind encouragement that has an honoured depth, Benton holds the space that is made sacred and safe by their combined connection.  I loved this weekend Reiki 2 workshop, as we stepped outside of normal time, they are a powerful team, the teachings are made easy by the way they are presented and shared between them, the special take-away you get is based on their healers experience – Highly recommended Alison Fortes

Reiki 1 workshop March 2021

This weekend was the best self-empowerment I have had in a long time. I am so appreciative to my past self for booking me onto Rosanna and Benton’s course. Highly recommend’. – Melanie Medland

Aroha Retreat November 2011

This retreat made me realise how much goes into a healing massage and taught me a lot about myself and even more about the chakras, so now I can go out and share with others.


The way in which Rosanna passes on her art is so open, loving and full of truth you cannot help but be enveloped by the loving energy which fills the soul and makes it incredibly easy to learn


Very well run, amazing food and easy going attitude from the teacher


Rosanna is a fantastic teacher.  I feel I learnt so much in such a short period.  Ongoing followups would be great.  Thank you Rosanna and Benton I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. I felt supported, see you again soon.


Rosanna provides a safe place to explore new skills, feel new experiences and develop yourself.  The Aroha massage is loving and healing and something to share or could become your lifestyle or work!  Thanks for an awesome weekend, fantastic venue and experience.


Theory awesome and practical even better.  Great compliment with Benton’s help and comments.

Allan and Diane

Aroha Retreat November 2012

From the time of arrival to the end - it was 'Aroha'.  The people you meet to the people that spoil us to Rosanna and Ben.  "Movement of energy through the intent of Aroha".  A moving experience.

Susan Rose

Well organised and peaceful retreat.

Jason Davis

The massage retreat enables you to experience the joy in giving, as well as receiving, the most soulful, heartfelt massage there is.  Aroha is unique and offers an experience that lifts you physically, spiritually and emotionally.  The relaxed and informative style of instruction makes learning easy and enjoyable.

Karen Morris

Beautiful, beautiful massage, not only a pleasure to receive but also to give.  Rosanna and Ben are good instructors and deliver the course in a loving and respectful manner.  Looking forward to part 2!

Coralie Morgan

An absolute must, you have not really lived a full life until you have experienced and learnt the Aroha massage.

Ian Warnock

This was a very special retreat, and learning the massage was a wonderful relaxing and reviving experience.  Rosanna is a fantastic teacher, and Aroha Healing was a joy to give and to receive in a lovely setting.  Came away feeling refreshed and revived with new skills to share with clients, family and friends.  Thank you for a great weekend!

Hope Pearce

Ms. Helene's Review

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