Chakra Balancing Massage

This session is all about the chakra system and will allow you to realise the incredible flow these energy centres can give us. If you are feeling flat, in need of nurturing, peace and tranquillity in your life than try a Chakra Balancing session at Aroha Love.

Beginning with our magical Aroha Bodywork signature fusion of Miri Miri, Hawaiian Ka Huna and Reiki Energy Healing bodywork to energise and awaken your chakra system, increasing your internal power and energy sources with meditation and intention.

Various movements over the body will help increase circulation and promote a healthy, glowing state of well-being. 

Chakra Balance sessions include a flowing, energy healing massage with chakra activation.

75 minutes : $165
90 minutes : $185
Add On
Gong sound healing - 30min $50
Oracle cards - 30min $50
Hot rocks (back) - 20min $30
Ceremonial grade cacao - 20min $20
Aroha Energy Mists  $38
Aroha Ritual Oil  $65