Reiki Hands-on Massage

Reiki massage is a powerful blend of Reiki energy and Aroha bodywork with Rosanna's amazingly hot healing hands. Rosanna is a Reiki master teacher with over 18 years of experience with Reiki healing.

This massage will slow you down to the natural rhythms of the earth and re-ignite the energy centers (chakras) in an unobtrusive way. A gentle, yet powerful way to introduce yourself to the wonders of Aroha Bodywork and healing touch.

We developed our Aroha Reiki Massage session to provide the recipient with a unique and empowering healing experience. Prepare to be enlightened. 


75 minutes : $165
90 minutes :
Add On
Oracle cards - 30min $50
Hot rocks (back) - 20min $30
Ceremonial grade cacao - 20min $20
Aroha Energy Mists  $38
Aroha Ritual Oil  $65