Rongoā Māori - Māori medicine

In traditional Māori medicine, ailments are treated in a holistic manner. 

Rongoā Māori is the traditional Māori healing system. This ancient lore, including plant use, massage, and incantations, has been passed down through many generations.

Over many years of practicing ancient healing bodywork and mirimiri, Rosanna has created a beautiful flow of mirimiri at Aroha including kanikani (rhythmic dance) and differing levels of pressure. Calming the nervous system, mind, body, spirit and supporting the release of trauma held within the tissues of the body.  

In Māori Philosophy, MiriMiri is a vibrational exchange between our Earth Mother (Papatuānuku).

We first clear and cleanse our healing space (whakawātea) and progress with Karakia.

Māori medicine at Aroha, ailments are treated in a holistic spiritual manner with:

Mirimiri (bodywork)
Honohono energy healing
Whitiwhiti kōrero (support and advice)
Karakia (prayer)
Aroha Rongoā Rākau products

75 minutes : $165
90 minutes : $185
2 hours : $250
Add on 

Gong sound healing - 30min


Oracle cards - 30min


Hot rocks (back) - 20min


Ceremonial grade cacao - 20min


Aroha Energy Mists 


Aroha Ritual Oil