Cacao Ceremony + Sound Healing

We begin our ceremony with a deep cleansing of the energy body and grounding.

Ceremonial grade cacao is a pure plant medicine bringing energy and healing to our body, mind and spirit.  Cacao ceremony is awakening and heart opening and we perform these special ceremonies for many occasions.

- Life celebrations and re-connection with partners or loved ones
- Wedding vow renewal
- Anniversaries
- Birthdays
- Reconnecting with a family member
- For those who want an experience and to feel the uplifting and deeply healing effects of cacao

We set a sacred space for you with beauty and love. Using the beautiful sound healing of crystal bowls, voice, mantra and Earth gong to cleanse, heal, relax and soothe the whole self. An amazing way to journey into deep meditative states, balancing both left and right hemispheres of the brain, let go of old outmoded thoughts and actions. We support bringing peace and love to those who choose this intention and way of living in our busy, fast paced and rapidly changing world.

We use ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala – Keith’s cacao that is prepared with love and intention and is unlike any other cacao we have experienced.  We also have Ora ceremonial grade cacao that is also ethically and sustainably grown and prepared with loving intention.

2-4 people

1 hour $250
90 mins $300




For groups of 8+ people.

Cacao is a fruit rich in antioxidants and magnesium, an immune and cardiovascular booster. Ceremonial cacao is a numinous drink that matches perfectly with the resonance of sound waves. A natural heart opener and a powerful medicine for the soul used in Central and South American ancient rituals.

Your group ceremony includes a cleansing and purifying ritual with sacred plants and water blessing and a traditional drink made of ceremonial cacao + 45minutes of live sound meditation with Earth gong, Heart gong, and crystal bowls, taking you on a unique journey that will expand and align your energy, comforting your spirit. Let’s dive within!

It is perfect to commemorate any moment, individually, with family or friends; a gently warm way to create a good work environment for corporate team building. Is the perfect time-space to renew ourselves and receive more of everything we deserve with the gifts of sound and plant medicine from nature. 

We recommend booking in advance.
If you would like to book this experience as a corporate team building/bonding activity, please let us know about your goals and intentions and we will create something unique for the group.

2 hours
$50 per person
Minimum 8 people and travel time (if applicable) with be calculated at time of booking.