Foot Ritual

The Aroha Foot Ritual is simply the most amazing healing treatment incorporating ancient Mayan healing with lustral water infused with blessing, plants, flowers and salts. Rosanna may use Palo Santo wood incense or white sage to support the cleansing and releasing process of the lustral foot bathing.

Enjoy a cup of organic herbal tea as your feet are soaked and cleansed in the warm lustral water. During this meditative treatment, you can enjoy deeply relaxing, healing massage with Kawakawa and Harakeke infused oils, Reiki for feet and lower legs and organic french clay to detox and cleanse the feet.

Rosanna studied Mayan spiritual healing and bathing in Belize, Central America under the tutelage of the Arvigo institute. 

A spiritual bath is full of 'energetic celestial harmony' that activates our higher consciousness ~ Dr. Rosita Arvigo (naprapathic physician, herbalist, international lecturer and author).


60 minutes : $145
Add ons:
Gong Sound Healing (30mins) $50
Oracle Cards (30mins) $50
Ceremonial Grade Cacao (20mins) $20