Space Cleansing

*Central Auckland only

Your home or work environment can become a beacon of radiant light after a clearing, cleansing and harmonising ceremony with the team at Aroha.

Home and work spaces can become sanctuaries of peace that will attract the clarity and love of the Universe, and will in turn radiate these qualities back out into the world.

When a traumatic event or repetitive negative behaviour takes place in a building it can leave an energetic imprint. Most people recognise this as the way a place ‘feels’.

If you have ever walked into a room where someone has just had an argument you can feel the tension. It hangs in the air even after the event has taken place. If this happens repeatedly an imprint is created, affecting the energy level and behaviour of the people living or working in the space.

A space clearing ceremony releases these imprints leaving a clean, fresh feeling or vibration; a feeling of vibrancy that supports a rich, full life and allows for more clarity and creativity.

Space cleansing is particularly helpful for people who:

  • Have just moved into a new home or office
  • Feel there is a hazy, dark, cold or shady energy
  • Illnesses are recurring in the space
  • Going through a major life change
  • Want to engage a spiritual path feeling light and bright
  • Are looking for a new career or direction in life
  • Want to re-ignite passion for life
  • Wish to create a fresh vibration in the home and/or workspace

Aroha Cleansing practitioners Rosanna, Benton and Ardon, clear and revitalise the energy in your home or office by performing a beautiful step by step ceremony consisting of many elements.

The Aroha team will travel to your home or business and follow a specific protocol to clear and cleanse the energy in the space. They will also teach you how to keep the energy clear and bright. There will always be at least 2 Aroha team members available for cleansing.

This is a powerful energy treatment that really makes a positive difference in how you feel in your home and business, as well as how others act – without even knowing why!

By appointment only – at your home or business. Preparation and steps will be explained in the initial consultation with Rosanna. Minimum time is 1 hour.

Cost: $150 per hour (or part of) + travel costs/time. Costs include a cleansing element so you can continue to keep your space clear and bright.

At this time we are working in *Central Auckland only

‘The family home was going on the market. It had been rented for four years and the tenants kept it closed-up most of the time. Due to the death of my husband I had a deep feeling of sadness around selling it. And there had been a few ‘disturbances’ while we lived there. 

The energy in the house felt heavy and scattered. I often left with a headache and a sore stomach. I wanted the loving, happy and healthy energy back so the right family could buy it and love living there. So, I contacted Rosanna to see if she could help.

I met Rosanna and Ardon at the house one evening. Together they did a very thorough energy clearing. They also taught me how to continue blessing and clearing the negative energy. It was truly amazing. The next day the energy felt so much brighter and lighter. The energy has continued to improve since and there is now a positive energy buzzing around. An energy clearing is a beautiful thing to do for your home’. ~ Trudy Evans 

Please email or call Rosanna 0800 MINDBODY or TXT 0273866587