3 x 75 min Aroha massage sessions

There is only one thing better than an Aroha massage, three Aroha massages! 

More than just a massage, this is a deep experience that affects the mind, body and soul positively.  Drawing on the ancient wisdom and philosophies of New Zealand Māori, Polynesian, Mayan and  Hawaiian bodywork, together with the renowned healing properties of Eastern cultural therapies,  Aroha Love brings you a fresh, new and effective way to heal and beautify your body, mind and soul. 

Our Aroha Signature Massage encompasses traditional Māori healing arts; mirimiri, Hawaiian Ka  Huna massage, Reiki energy healing, Mayan shamanic healing, Chakra balancing and energy flow. 

Aroha Bodywork is a beautiful massage experience that will leave you feeling grounded, lighter,  nurtured and nourished from the inside out. The Aroha Signature Massage is a unique fusion that  allows the recipient to become clearer in the mind and into their body, weaving the physical,  emotional and spiritual being into unison, peacefulness and harmony.

3 x 75 minutes : $470 (saving $25)