International Retreats

Aroha Awakening Retreat - This retreat will resume when it is completely safe for us to travel.

We invite you to join us on a magical journey to San Marcos at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Central America. 

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: Shamans, Volcanoes & Mayan Culture

Guatemala is a very traditional country, with Mayan people making up over half the population. The villages around Lake Atitlan, a huge crater lake surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, are dominated by traditional Mayan families. Once you make the 3 hour mountain drive from Antigua, you feel like you are in another world.

This 7 day retreat (13 day adventure) is a unique opportunity for you to spend time away from your daily routines and old ways of thinking with a group of like-minded people in the magical land of Guatemala in Central America. Benton and Rosanna together with Guest Shamans will take you on a deeply healing journey, whilst creating a joyful experience. 

We had a wonderful time in Guatemala, travelling to Antigua and San Marcos over the past 2 years and this year we will be taking another small group from New Zealand, and sharing the opportunity to experience the energetic vortex that is Lake Atitlan. The Shamans say that the energies here are about one year ahead, which means that everything is amplified and hidden secrets and old stories soon come to the surface.  

This retreat will be beautifully intense, empowering and life changing.

San Marcos is the home of 'Chocolate Shaman' Keith Wilson. He has brought many light workers from all over the world to Lake Atitlan over the years. You will spend time with Keith and Mexican shaman Diego, who will in their compassionate and fun way, initiate you to a higher version of yourself.

What is included in your retreat cost :

  • We will start our mornings with a beautiful movement practice overlooking the lake. The afternoons will be filled with ceremonies, one on one sessions with Keith, Mayan spiritual cleansing, sightseeing at local villages around the lake, rest and contemplation.
  • The Chocolate Shaman Keith Wilson - Group Cacao Ceremony.
  • Mexican Shaman Diego - Traditional Sweat Lodge.
  • Mayan Spiritual Bathing with Rosanna - Candles are lit, Blessings are spoken, Copal is burned and the Healing begins. Spiritual Bathing is an ancient Maya healing practice that assists to clear/heal emotional obstacles that inhibit you from full-hearted living. A Spiritual Bath shifts you. It uplifts your spirit by washing away stagnant energy, negativity, sadness and emotional blockages that deter us from obtaining our deepest goals and desires. 
  • Sound Healing with Maria + local culture.
  • 2 vegetarian meals daily (breakfast + Lunch) + Accommodation on Lake Atitlan, San Marcos. Single rooms are at an extra cost and are subject to availability. 
  • Life in a Guatemalan lakeside village.
  • You will have a day off to shop, experience and explore Lake Atitlan.

What is NOT included:

  • Flights. We can assist you with booking flights if you are travelling at any stage with Benton and Rosanna.
  • All airport and destination transfers in the U.S. and Guatemala
  • 2 nights accommodation in Houston.
  • 2 nights in Antigua (accommodation and meals at your cost - very reasonably priced) - one night either side of our retreat. Antigua is absolutely stunning, vibrant and colourful.
  • Private sessions with Shaman Keith (approx $35USD each)
  • Excursions to villages around the lake - boat trips are very low cost
  • 1 meal each day in San Marcos - cafes and restaurants around the lake are very reasonably priced.

You can also experience :

  • Amazing shopping at Panajachel, Antigua and Houston Galleria
  • Beautiful, friendly, traditional people
  • Colourful and stunning arts and crafts
  • Exploring San Marcos and other Lakeside villages
  • Hummingbirds, Eagles and other wonderful wildlife
  • Cultural experiences + community 

If you are looking for an amplified healing experience as well as brother and sisterhood in a beautiful country with the kindest people, then do not hesitate and follow your heart!

This is a private retreat for us. We will keep the group size small, so that we can make sure everyone is supported through this transformative process.


The cost for the retreat week is in US Dollars not including flights and airport transfers. We suggest a budget of $10,500-$12,000NZD for the entire trip that includes; our retreat costs, all transfers + taxis, spending money, 4 flights, accommodation in Houston and Antigua, all meals in Antigua, Houston and 1 meal in San Marcos per day + private sessions with Shamans, airport taxes, bags and International airport fees, tips and excursions around the lake to surrounding villages. If you are a shopper then go for the higher budget.

Aroha Retreat Cost: Is in USD and is TBC  

A $250USD non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place. Please read our Terms and conditions. They are listed on our Terms & Conditions page. 

You can make your own way to Guatemala or get in touch with Rosanna if you would like to travel with her and Benton. 

We are really looking forward to hosting, guiding, travelling and journeying with you on our life changing Guatemala adventure! 

Please get in touch with for further details.