Hawaiian Ka Huna Massage

To try and define Hawaiian Ka Huna Massage at Aroha Love is like trying to describe what a flower looks smells and feels like to some who have never seen that flower before. You only ever really ‘know’ by the experience of holding the flower in your hands and breathing in its lush fragrance and being in awe of its magical beauty.

Like the essence of a flower, Hawaiian Ka Huna Massage is beyond words and in that moment of giving and receiving it is best to describe the experience as pure love. Ka Huna Massage is a celebration of our humanity; it is the massage of life. The massage techniques consist of the view that Hawaiian people have; that all aspects of the body are one, believing that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all part of the ‘whole self’.

What makes Ka Huna such a very special style is the combination of movement, dance, rhythm, breath, energy and massage. 

Rosanna is a Ka Huna massage specialist and is in constant movement around the massage table, following specific patterns of foot placement and body posture. Her arms, elbows and hands sweep over the body in long, flowing movements to the pulse of peaceful music, creating a very fluid and rhythmical massage.

The unstructured nature of the massage strokes switches the rational mind off and allows for deep body focused relaxation. 

The results of Aroha Ka Huna Massage are direct and very powerful, requiring little time for integration. Recipients feel immediate changes in the needed areas, be they physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.


75 minutes : $165
90 minutes : $185
2 hours : $250
Add On
Gong sound healing - 30min $50
Oracle cards - 30min $50
Hot rocks (back) - 20min $30
Ceremonial grade cacao - 20min $20
Aroha Energy Mists  $38
Aroha Ritual Oil  $65