Aroha Workshops and Events (Whakangungu kia ora te tangata). 

Reiki workshops, Events and Sacred Feminine Retreats are what the team at Aroha have so much passion for. 


Moon Journeys - A Shamanic Sound Experience with Maren Lander

Tapping into the powerful illuminating and healing energies of the full moon Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner Maren Lander will take us on a journey into the depths of our souls, that will leave us more connected, peaceful and empowered.

Sound has been used for healing since ancient times. Be it through voice, harmonics or rhythm, sound will penetrate every single cell of our body.

Maren uses a sacred gong that is attuned to the comet Chiron and is considered to be a healing gong. She will also play Shamanic drums and other percussion instruments that will facilitate deep relaxation through slowing down our brain waves to a theta state.

Once we are in this place, we are more open to meet and communicate with our guides and allies and might receive significant messages that will support us on our path.

Please think about an intention before you come. We recommend to wear comfortable clothing as you will lay on the floor for most of the event.

This event is 50% booked

When:  Full moon, Monday December 4th 2017

Cost: $25

Time: 6 - 7.15pm




‘Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics’. ~ Albert Einstein

Reiki is a method of hands on healing. It is a system of healing that transforms and heals the body and mind. The Reiki practitioner transfers energy via the hands to the recipient. 

A Reiki practitioner harnesses this vital energy via a series of attunements or initiations which, in effect, switch on the ability to transfer Reiki energy to oneself and others.

Discover and learn a safe, proven and effective way to enjoy renewed health and vitality with Reiki!




Discover and learn a safe, proven and effective way to enjoy renewed health and vitality with Reiki.

Reiki is a simple method of hands on healing, and is a system of healing that transforms and heals the body and mind, restoring balance, equilibrium and radiance.

No prior experience is necessary in order to learn Reiki. In this Reiki 1 course (Reiki First Degree) you will learn how to confidently deliver effective Reiki treatments for yourself, family, friends, clients and pets. You will learn how to bring healing, comfort and calm to any condition, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual by applying Reiki in three easy to learn Reiki patterns. Through well organized Reiki lectures, clear and thorough Reiki demonstrations, and ample supervised Reiki hands-on practice time, you will learn all of the Reiki Level 1 techniques quickly and easily and receive your certification as a Reiki 1 Practitioner.

This workshop is also a great way for those who already hold a Reiki 1 degree to refresh their skills.

This workshop covers all aspects of Reiki 1

Reiki principles
Full chakra module 
Hands on healing for others; friends, family, animals and plants
Basic Animal Reiki healing
Group healing techniques
Meditation and Mudra

Our Reiki training classes are held over two days, thorough and complete, to provide you with a real hands-on Reiki training experience. This supervised hands-on practice is essential to your learning the Reiki techniques properly and gaining the necessary experience and confidence before giving Reiki treatments to others.You will leave this workshop feeling renewed and awakened to the simplicity of Reiki technique and application.  

You will experience self-healing and supporting others in their healing, you'll make new friends as well as receive Reiki 1 certification. 

2 day non-residential. This workshop will be held at Aroha premises at 3 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn. Aroha is an inspirational urban, inner city workshop and healing facility, and a place of inner reflection.

When : Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August *Fully Booked
Where : Aroha, 3 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn
Time : Saturday 9.30am - 3.30pm Sunday 9.30am - 3pm 
Refreshments : Delicious vegetarian lunch provided each day
Facilitators : Benton Day and Rosanna Marks
Cost : $350
Deposit : A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking
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Reiki is a beautiful and powerful, safe form of energy healing and here at Aroha we use Reiki in everything we do. You can feel Reiki in our hands; deeply warm and tingling sensations that relax and energise the recipient allowing for a restful and peaceful mind ready to take on the world. 

Reiki 2  workshop for those who hold Reiki 1 certification or those wishing to refresh their Reiki 2 practice.

This workshop has been designed to cover all aspects of Reiki 2 and more.

Symbols and symbol practice
Distant healing
Focussed intention
Enhancement of hands on practice
Cleansing of self, spaces and environments

When : Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June 2017 
Where : Aroha, 3 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn
Time : 9.30am - 3.30pm (Saturday) and 9.30am - 3pm (Sunday)
Refreshments : Delicious vegetarian lunch provided each day
Facilitators : Benton Day and Rosanna Marks
Cost : $380
Deposit : A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking
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  • Aroha Reiki 3 certification. This 2 day workshop is for those who currently hold a Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 degree, or for Reiki 3 practitioners wanting to update and refresh their existing skills.

    This workshop will cover all aspects of Reiki 3

    Experienced use of the Reiki 2 symbols
    Focused intention and deep healing Reiki given and received
    Reiki 3 symbols
    Shamanic positioning
    Cleansing practices and water cleansing ritual
    Mudra, Meditation and Deep stretching

    We look forward to spending the weekend with those who feel they are ready to progress into Reiki 3!

When : Dates TBC fo r2018
Where : Aroha Love, 3 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland
Time : 9.30am - 3.30pm each day
Refreshments : Delicious vegetarian lunch and snacks provided each day
Facilitators : Benton Day and Rosanna Marks
Cost : $395
Deposit : A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking
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Annual Sacred Feminine Retreat 2017: Bellydance, Yoga and an introduction to Tantric floor massage - a workshop for women at Aio Wira Retreat Centre

Sacred Feminine Retreat - Sacred Feminine Retreat - October 27th - 29th October 2017 at Aio Wira retreat centre.

When groups of like-minded women get together magic is created. Sacred Feminine workshops awaken awareness of the feminine form with beautiful flowing, simple yet sensual dance, yoga and a deeper understanding, honouring and integration of energy and companionship.

There will be one retreat this year at the Aio Wira centre. The theme for our 2017 annual sacred feminine retreat is honouring the elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire). Spaces are very limited and the 2017 retreat is currently filling up.

During this retreat we bring in the element and sense of touch. An introduction to embracing tantric ritual, sacred circle and an introduction to learning tantric floor massage (energy moving and deeply connecting).

Bellydance, yoga, nature, relaxation, ancient water cleansing ritual and learning deeply about 5 specific, very simple yoga poses and meditation rituals for Tantric floor massage are all on the agenda for this healing retreat!

Perfect for all levels of yoga and bellydance from beginners to advanced.

The Aroha massage component is simple and suitable for all comfort levels as we remain fully clothed, and are looking deeply into the flow of conscious massage and how the combination of dance, yoga and touch can be so loving, connected and healing for our partners, friends and ourselves. Aroha massage technique is a beautiful harmony of synergistic flowing movements allowing for loving communication without words.

Bookings are open and it is advisable to pop your name down for this one quickly as we have limited spaces. We can't guarantee a single room however if you are sharing, it will be with one other like-minded wahine.


When : October 27th - 29th October 2017 
Where : Aio Wira Retreat Centre, Te Henga
Time : Friday evening October 27th – 29th Sunday afternoon
Refreshments : Delicious vegetarian meals and accommodation included
Facilitators : Rosanna Marks
Cost : $510
Deposit : A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking
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Sacred Feminine annual retreats are perfect for beginners and women who have attended prior Aroha sacred feminine retreats. This spring time retreat is perfect for reconnection with nature, clarity, and learning with like-minded women with beautiful energy enhancing movement.




Aroha Massage workshops are by request only and will be at a cost of $850 per day for an individual or $450 per day, per individual for groups of 2 or more. 3 days of training is minimum and can extend to 5 days if required.

These workshops will be held at Aroha premises (3 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn) and is open to all levels and teaching her art is Rosanna's specialty and passion. It is advisable, however not necessary, to have completed an anatomy and physiology certificate prior to learning. Delicious vegetarian meals are included in the workshop cost.

What will I learn:

Holistic Bodywork Aroha style
Enter a more conscious awareness of your energy centres
Learn how to blend a fusion of massage techniques with energy healing and chakra balancing
How to enhance your own internal energy flow and body mechanics
Rhythmical massage techniques, with a focus on breath and movement, using simple yet highly effective techniques
The importance of spiritual cleansing
Keeping high energy levels for yourself and your client/recipient
Enhancement of intuition with holistic bodywork

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