Aroha Workshops and Events (Whakangungu kia ora te tangata). 

Reiki workshops, Full moon events and Sacred feminine retreats are what the team at Aroha have so much passion for.  




June Full Moon Cacao ceremony + Gong bath

On Monday June 17th we will be bringing you another beautifully deep full moon ceremony.  *Fully Booked - when this event books out please contact us to place your name on the cancellation list 

Join Benton, Rosanna and Amanda for a beautiful heart opening Cacao ceremony followed by a deeply relaxing Gong bath and crystal bowls.

After spending time with the cacao shaman, Keith Wilson in San Marcos, Guatemala, Benton and Rosanna are keen to bring the magic of Keith’s ceremonial grade cacao into many ceremonies at Aroha. Cacao is a rich plant medicine with numerous health benefits and is a powerful heart opener. Cacao is the perfect way to prepare for Tara’s gong bath.

The vibration of a gong is a powerful method for reducing stress. Calm mind. Peaceful energy. Flowing breath.

‘Known as a Gong Bath, the gong creates an ocean of sound that is profoundly relaxing; a state which activates the parasympathetic nervous system to balance the over-amped, over-taxed sympathetic nervous system.

Water has often been used as an analogy for the rippling effect of the gong’s vibrations, partially because our bodies are approximately 70 percent water and water serves to conduct sound waves. Like ripples created by a pebble skipped onto a glassy lake, the gong’s sound gently reverberates over, around and through the entire body to calm, relax and soothe.

Typically, the listener’s heart rate slows, blood pressure drops and breath is restored to its natural rhythm. The gong induces a holistic resonance in the body and a spontaneous meditative state in the mind, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and wholeness’.

Gongs open up your chakras and often release a lot of blocked energy, much like acupuncture or massage can do – it really is a sound massage.

A gong bath is excellent therapy for depression, fatigue, feelings of separation, loneliness, anger, fear, hostility and many other conditions caused by a lack of balance and harmony in the body and mind.

In the simplest terms, the gong awakens innate wholeness and guides the body to a state of greater balance and harmony. A gong bath is as scientifically sound as it is mysterious. It is as other-worldly as it is logical. It requires nothing but receptivity in order to be fully experienced, but it must be experienced in order to be understood. ~ Devpreet Kaur

**Please let us know beforehand if you are pregnant, suffer from a heart condition or take anti-depressants.. 

Full Moon Cacao ceremony + Gong bath Monday June 17th. Fully Booked.

**Once this event books out, please email us at to place your name on our cancellation list. 






How to be your magnificent Self - 4th - 11th November 2019

We invite you to join us on a magical journey to San Marcos at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Central America. 

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: Kundalini Yoga, Volcanoes & Mayan Culture

Guatemala is a very traditional country, with Mayan people making up over half the population. The villages around Lake Atitlan, a huge crater lake surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, are dominated by traditional Mayan families. Once you make the 4 hour mountain drive from Antigua, you feel like you are in another world.

This 8 day retreat is a unique opportunity for you to spend time away from your daily routines and old way of thinking with a group of like-minded people in the magical land of Guatemala in Central America. Maren and Rosanna together with Guest Shamans will take you on a deeply healing journey, whilst creating a joyful experience.

After we had a wonderful time here last year we would like to give another small group from New Zealand the opportunity to experience the energetic vortex that is Lake Atitlan. The Shamans say that the energies here are about one year ahead, which means that everything is amplified and hidden secrets and old stories soon come to the surface.  

This retreat will be beautifully intense, empowering and life changing.

San Marcos is the home of 'Chocolate Shaman' Keith Wilson, who has been Maren's teacher since 2016. He has brought many light workers from all over the world to Lake Atitlan over the years. You will spend time with Keith as well as Mayan Shaman Izaias Sajvin and Mexican shaman Diego, who will in their compassionate and fun way, initiate you to a higher version of yourself.

What is included in your retreat cost:

We will start our mornings with a beautiful Kundalini Yoga practice overlooking the lake. The afternoons will be filled with ceremonies held by local Shamans: 

The Chocolate Shaman Keith Wilson - Cacao Ceremony  

Mayan Shamans Izaias Mendoza Sajvin and Ana Izabel Perez - Mayan Fire Ceremony 

Mexican Shaman Diego - Traditional Sweat Lodge 

Mayan Spiritual Bathing with Rosanna - Candles are lit, Blessings are spoken, Copal is burned and the Healing begins. Spiritual Bathing is an ancient Maya healing practice that assists to clear/heal emotional obstacles that inhibit you from full-hearted living. A Spiritual Bath shifts you. It uplifts your spirit by washing away stagnant energy, negativity, sadness and emotional blockages that deter us from obtaining our deepest goals and desires. 

Sound Healing with Gong and Shamanic Journeying with Maren 

2 vegetarian meals daily + Accommodation on Lake Atitlan, San Marcos

Life in a Guatemalan lakeside village

You will have a day off to shop, experience and explore Lake Atitlan

What is not included:

Flights. We can assist you with booking flights if you are travelling with Benton and Rosanna.

All airport and destination transfers.

2 nights accommodation in Houston.

2 nights in Antigua (accommodation and meals at your cost - very reasonably priced) - one night either side of our retreat. Antigua is absolutely stunning, vibrant and colourful.

Private sessions with Shaman Keith and Shaman Izaias (approx $35USD each)

Excursions to villages around the lake - boat trips are very low cost

1 meal each day in San Marcos - cafes and restaurants around the lake are very reasonably priced.

You can also experience:

Amazing shopping at Panajachel and Houston

Beautiful, friendly, traditional people

Colourful and stunning arts and crafts

Exploring San Marcos and other Lakeside villages

Hummingbirds, Eagles and other wonderful wildlife

Cultural experiences

Additional special ceremonies for a reasonable fee. 

You can join us if you are a beginner and we believe that if you feel drawn to come it means that you are ready! However we highly recommend to prepare yourself for this retreat by attending some Kundalini Yoga classes and possibly starting a meditation practice.

Aroha hold 3 Kundalini classes per week or Maren can help with some preparation if you live outside of Auckland.   

If you are looking for an amplified healing experience as well as brother and sisterhood in a beautiful country with the kindest people, then do not hesitate and follow your heart!

This is a private retreat for us Kiwis! We will keep the group size relatively small, so that we can make sure everyone is supported through this transformative process.


The cost for the retreat week is in US Dollars not including flights and airport transfers.

Cost: $1450USD

A $250USD non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

You can make your own way to Guatemala or get in touch with Rosanna if you would like to travel with her and Benton. 

We are really looking forward to hosting, guiding, travelling and journeying with you on our life changing Guatemala adventure! 

Please get in touch with for further details.


‘Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics’. ~ Albert Einstein

Reiki is a method of hands on healing. It is a system of healing that transforms and heals the body and mind. The Reiki practitioner transfers energy via the hands to the recipient. 

A Reiki practitioner harnesses this vital energy via a series of attunements or initiations which, in effect, switch on the ability to transfer Reiki energy to oneself and others.

Discover and learn a safe, proven and effective way to enjoy renewed health and vitality with Reiki!




Discover and learn a safe, proven and effective way to enjoy renewed health and vitality with Reiki.

Reiki is a simple method of hands on healing, and is a system of healing that transforms and heals the body and mind, restoring balance, equilibrium and radiance.

No prior experience is necessary in order to learn Reiki. In this Reiki 1 course (Reiki First Degree) you will learn how to confidently deliver effective Reiki treatments for yourself, family, friends, clients and pets. You will learn how to bring healing, comfort and calm to any condition, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual by applying Reiki in three easy to learn Reiki patterns. Through well organized Reiki lectures, clear and thorough Reiki demonstrations, and ample supervised Reiki hands-on practice time, you will learn all of the Reiki Level 1 techniques quickly and easily and receive your certification as a Reiki 1 Practitioner.

This workshop is also a great way for those who already hold a Reiki 1 degree to refresh their skills.

This workshop covers all aspects of Reiki 1 - 

Reiki principles
Learn about chakras 
Hands on healing for others; friends, family, animals and plants
Group healing techniques
Meditation and Mudra

Our Reiki training classes are held over two days, thorough and complete, to provide you with a real hands-on Reiki training experience. This supervised hands-on practice is essential to your learning the Reiki techniques properly and gaining the necessary experience and confidence before giving Reiki treatments to others.You will leave this workshop feeling renewed and awakened to the simplicity of Reiki technique and application.  

You will experience self-healing and supporting others in their healing, you'll make new friends as well as receive Reiki 1 certification. 

2 day non-residential. This workshop will be held at Aroha premises at 3 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn. Aroha is an inspirational urban, inner city workshop and healing facility, and a place of inner reflection.

When :

Saturday 15th and 16th June 2019 

Where : Aroha, 3 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn
Time : Saturday 10am - 4pm Sunday 9.30am - 3pm 
Refreshments : Delicious vegetarian lunch provided each day
Facilitators : Benton Day and Rosanna Marks
Cost : $350
Deposit : A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking
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Reiki is a beautiful and powerful, safe form of energy healing and here at Aroha we use Reiki in everything we do. You can feel Reiki in our hands; deeply warm and tingling sensations that relax and energise the recipient allowing for a restful and peaceful mind ready to take on the world. 

Reiki 2  workshop for those who hold Reiki 1 certification or those wishing to refresh their Reiki 2 practice.

This workshop has been designed to cover all aspects of Reiki 2 and more.

Symbols and symbol practice
Distant healing
Focussed intention
Enhancement of hands on practice
Cleansing of self, spaces and environments
Ethical business practices 

When : Saturday 13th and 14th July 2019
Where : Aroha, 3 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn
Time : 10am - 4pm (Saturday) and 9.30am - 3pm (Sunday)
Refreshments : Delicious vegetarian lunch provided each day
Facilitators : Benton Day and Rosanna Marks
Cost : $380
Deposit : A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking
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  • Aroha Reiki 3 certification. This 2 day workshop is for those who currently hold a Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 degree, or for Reiki 3 practitioners wanting to update and refresh their existing skills.

    This workshop will cover all aspects of Reiki 3

    Experienced use of the Reiki 2 symbols
    Focused intention and deep healing Reiki given and received
    Reiki 3 symbols
    Shamanic positioning
    Cleansing practices and water cleansing ritual
    Ethical business practices
    Mudra and meditation  

    We look forward to spending the weekend with those who feel they are ready to progress into Reiki 3!

When : 2019 dates TBC
Where : Aroha Love, 3 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland
Time : 10am - 4pm (Saturday) and 9.30am - 3pm (Sunday)
Refreshments : Delicious vegetarian lunch and snacks provided each day
Facilitators : Benton Day and Rosanna Marks
Cost : $400
Deposit : A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking
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Yoga Nidra is a meditative practice of guided relaxation and healing. Coupled with positive visualisation and affirmation, Jen’s Yoga Nidra practice will bring you more self- love, peace and joy. We will begin with breathing and intention setting, followed by gentle movements to connect your breath to the body. We then wrap you up nice and warm before being guided into your relaxation.

When : 4 weeks - Thursdays 13th of June - 4th of July
Where : Aroha Yoga space upstairs at 3 Maidstone Street
Time : 7pm for 50mins
Cost : $20 per class - bookings essential to 



Annual Sacred Feminine Retreat 2019: We are currently creating a new and very exciting retreat with our friends for 2019 onwards. 


When groups of like-minded women get together magic is created. Sacred Feminine workshops awaken awareness of the feminine form with beautiful flowing, simple yet sensual dance, yoga and a deeper understanding, honouring and integration of energy and companionship.

This year our Sacred Feminine Retreat will be held at Sacred Earth Lodge, KareKare. Our theme is ‘Ritual’ under the full moon.

Aroha Sacred Feminine Retreats are profoundly and deeply healing, a space where we can drop our masks and allow the beauty of our authentic grace to shine through. A space where we can honour, celebrate and empower each other and learn awareness around rituals that will allow for a greater capacity to grow and flourish as feelings and energy flows through our bodies with ritual, healing dance and yoga.

Expect some magic:



Women's circle

Cacao ceremony

Gentle Bellydance

Kundalini Yoga

Meditation + Gong bath

Space in nature



We will be in natural peace, surrounded by beaches, forests, streams, waterfalls, rock pools - with gorgeous ocean sunsets, and delicious vegetarian meals.

We only take a very limited number of ladies on Sacred Feminine retreats.  Please email us with any questions


When : 2019 dates TBC
Where : KareKare
Time : Friday early evening - 2pm Sunday afternoon
Refreshments : Delicious vegetarian meals and accommodation included
Facilitators : Rosanna Marks + Friends
Cost : $595.00
Deposit : A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking
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Sacred Feminine annual retreats are perfect for beginners and women who have attended prior Aroha sacred feminine retreats. 






Aroha Massage workshops are by request only and will be at a cost of $850 per day for an individual or $450 per day, per individual for groups of 2 or more. 3 days of training is minimum and can extend to 5 days if required.

These workshops will be held at Aroha premises (3 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn) and is open to all levels and teaching her art is Rosanna's specialty and passion. It is advisable, however not necessary, to have completed an anatomy and physiology certificate prior to learning. Delicious vegetarian meals are included in the workshop cost.

What will I learn:

Holistic Bodywork Aroha style
Enter a more conscious awareness of your energy centers
Learn how to blend a fusion of massage techniques with energy healing and chakra balancing
How to enhance your own internal energy flow and body mechanics
Rhythmical massage techniques, with a focus on breath and movement, using simple yet highly effective techniques
The importance of spiritual cleansing
Keeping high energy levels for yourself and your client/recipient
Enhancement of intuition with holistic bodywork 

To find out more please contact us