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Teomati Sacred Copal brings you genuine, handcrafted copal resin in stick form from the Mountains of Mexico since 2011. Since ancient times copal has been a main ally of Mesoamerican Natives to praise and connect to the Great Mystery, playing a key role in their rituals, offerings, and cleanses. Use copal’s white smoke to relax, cleanse, and create sacred space, or as support for your contemplative practice. 

Experience the presence of the Great Mystery with Teomati Sacred Copal.

Traditional knowledge and alchemical wonders made possible for the copal resin to be handcrafted into stick form without sacrificing its quality and beneficial properties. With the help of friends and family, Teomati’s sticks began to travel beyond close friends’ circles to be increasingly enjoyed by more people. The love of copal as a teacher and ally remains as the chief inspiration to bring the white, healing smoke to all. 

In particular, Teomati’s love of copal celebrates the amazing value of the Earth-based traditions of the Americas. Whenever a copal stick is lit and the white smoke accompanies a prayer, a healing ritual, a tear shed or a word spoken from the heart, the wisdom kept by the native cultures of the Americas serves as a protective and guiding vessel.

Teomati is inspired to facilitate a relaxing, cleansing, and reconnecting experience with the Great Mystery. Soothing and cleansing body and mind, connecting worlds, thinning veils, awakening the heart, representing the sacred—these are some of the essential qualities of copal.

How to use: The sticks you have now in your hands are long-lasting and made out of copal resin. This means that they can last around five times more than a regular scented incense. Please do not leave sticks unattended while burning.

Burning instructions: 

Use matches or a lighter and leave the flame at the end of the stick for about 5 seconds until the tip burns.
Leave the flaming stick for another 5 seconds then blow it off.
If necessary, repeat the first two steps once or twice.
Be very careful of burning copal resin.
Make sure ashes fall in a proper recipient (incense holder, shell, etc.).
When done put the stick out.
Reuse or let it all burn at once.
Care instructions:
Copal resin does not have an expiration date.
Keep in a dry place away from children.

Ingredients: Teomati sticks are *not* artificially scented. They contain copal resin, charcoal (to keep resin burning), and alcohol as binder.

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