Whakawātea (cleansing) Energy Mist

Aroha Love

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Whakawātea (cleansing) Energy Mist

Whakawātea (cleansing) energy mist infuses a beautiful cleansing blend of orange and tea-tree floral waters, essential oils of geranium, palo santo, sage, wild mint with Kawakawa extract and a piece of amethyst crystal to charge the mist.

Aroha energetic plant and flower mists are made with Aroha (Love), Karakia, Reiki and crystals and are perfect as gifts or for bringing love and cleansing magic into your environment, and to clear your auric field. 

"A hydrosol starts as a seed. It absorbs the sun and drinks the rain. It frolics with the wind, sings with the birds, sleeps with the moon. When harvest arrives, it dances with the Alembic to become one with fire and water. It rises as vapour and returns as a liquid." ~ Ann Harman 

100ml $38

New Zealand only.

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