Svadhisthana sacral chakra meditation singing bowl gift box

Svadhisthana sacral chakra meditation singing bowl gift box

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A beautifully crafted gift or to place on your altar. 

Hand crafted in Kathmandu, Nepal. A beautiful painted singing bowl in gift box with an image of the Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra symbol painted in gold tone on the inner bottom.

This lovely gift box comes complete with bowl, flat round brocade cushion, and wooden striker - all in a beautiful handmade orange lokta paper box stamped with an image of the Svadhisthana on the lid with string and button closure.

A perfect gift for family, friends and students.

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana (my own sweet abode)
Mantra: Be creative
Symbol: Crescent moon within a white lotus made up of 6 orange petals  
Colour: Orange
Location: Between the navel and base of spine
Corresponding hormonal gland: testes, prostate or the ovaries

Associated anatomy: spleen (in men) and uterus (in women) which have purifying functions, genitourinary system= reproductive organs (genitals) + urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra), hips

Characteristics: wellness/well-being, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, abundance

Sacral chakra life issues: knowing that who you are and what you do is enough, having enough rest, food, exercise, fun, and money, link self-worth to appropriate things, ability to create healthy boundaries to protect yourself and your vital life force

Affected by: abuse, cravings for physical pleasures, addictions, your body and thoughts about your appearance, sexuality or fertility issues

Physical activities: yoga, moving your hips, dancing, swimming

Spiritual activities: meditation, celibacy, fasting

Musical note: D

Round cushion 2.75 inch diameter. Wood striker is 3.5 inch long. Box size is 4.25 x 3.75 x 2 inch. Handmade in Nepal.

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