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Skinnies LOOKS SPF30 Beauty Gel

Medium tint (for fair/medium/olive skin) - 75ml

Skinnies LOOKS is a new kind of SPF30 Beauty Gel and sunscreen combined. The kind that provides instant long lasting UV protection, while lipid soluble vitamins and potent antioxidants moisturise and repair. And because we know looks matter, the soft shimmer and tint evens up your skin so you're looking good as gold.

This 4 in 1 supercharged BB Cream is available in LIGHT, MEDIUM or DARK.

For UV protection & tint coverage. Supercharged BB cream for your face in the sun with 4 things in 1. Protects, tints, repairs, and moisturises. Available in 3 tints.

No Water. Use pea size blob. Vegan friendly.

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