Aroha Love

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Puti Puti (Flower) facial potion.

This magical potion begins with the infusion of organic rose petals, elderflowers and Kawakawa leaves in organic jojoba oil. Pure Rose + lavender essential oils, Reiki and Karakia (Maori blessing) add the finishing touches to the Puti Puti facial potion.

Additional essential oils can be added intuitively after consultation, specifically for your skin needs, and to enhance or reduce any emotional feelings that may be apparent at the time.

Rosanna is a Reiki master teacher, she holds international fragrance certification and is intuitive and knowledgeable in blending processes. She has completed Rongoa 1 certification (traditional Maori medicinal plant healing) picking and infusing her magical Kawakawa oil in the traditional way.

The Aroha facial potion is made with Aroha (Love), Reiki and is perfect for bringing a radiant glow, detoxing whilst nourishing, repairing and revitalising your skin and balancing for the emotions. To have a consultation with Rosanna and order your potion please email or call us. 

New Zealand only

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