Aroha Love

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Our Nephrite Jade yoni eggs are a deep, dark green or nearly black colour. Some of our eggs have details or visible layers, and others are deep and solid in colour.

Jade of any kind is a gemstone known to be good for the entire well-being of the wearer. It is a beautiful gemstone, considered good for health, and is opening for heart/ emotional energy. The stone is detoxifying on all levels, be it physical, emotional or energetic. A jade egg assists fertility and childbirth by toning the vaginal muscles and increasing circulation with gentle passive massage.

Jade has been said to balance body fluids and all of the vital systems in the body. Using a Yoni Egg is a sacred self love ritual.

Large size - drilled hole at the top approx 50 x 35mm

Small eggs are recommended for advanced users. Medium to Large eggs for beginners. 

*Crystal eggs will differ in clarity and colour. 

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