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Matcha Latte is a modern take on the traditional Green Tea beverage celebrated throughout Asia for centuries. Consumed for its traditional benefits of enlivening, sharpening, and vitalising the mind & spirit. More recently, green tea is touted for its unique antioxidant properties, like the presence of natural polyphenols (knowns as catechins) that are exclusively found in green tea for instance.

Today, we have gone straight to the origins of matcha in Uji, Kyoto to source the highest quality organic Japanese matcha available and have combined it with traditional Chinese mushrooms Lions Mane and Cordyceps, a zingy touch of ginger and mind fueling MCT oil to accentuate all of the naturally energising benefits this ancient superfood has to offer.

An enlivening blend of premium organic Japanese DōMatcha® green tea, awakening adaptogenic mushrooms and coconut MCT oil make a beautiful soft green latte to rise and shine with. Creamy coconut and sweet manuka honey soften the bitter matcha tones and create a beautifully rounded morning cup of sunshine.

Suitable for vegetarians*
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding friendly**
Child-friendly over 12 months** 

*contains sustainably sourced Manuka honey.
** contains small amounts of naturally-derived caffeine.

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