LIVING TREEFULLY - The Wheel of Segais

LIVING TREEFULLY - The Wheel of Segais

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Pamela Meeking-Stewart’s book The Wheel of Segais – Living Treefully was officially launched at the Verb Readers and Writers Festival at The National Library on Sunday 7 November 2021.

Living Treefully is a book for any person, organisation, group, team or relationship that has ever asked the question, ‘Where next?’ – a system for managing change and ‘living treefully’ in the seasonal way that trees do.

It can help to guide you and provide insight, no matter where you are in the journey of your life right now. When you are starting a new endeavour, just like the tree you will begin in Winter with planting the seed of what it is you wish to harvest. Alternatively, when you are stuck in a rut, instead of trying to jump to a solution you can take a moment to ask where you are in the cycle of the seasons at this moment. Winter/Seeding? Spring/Emergence? Summer/Maturation? Autumn/Manifestation?

Praise for Living Treefully

“If you find yourself wondering what your next step might be, or what your intuition is trying to tell you but you can’t quite make out, then this book is for you. It’s a book that can help you make decisions, plot your course through life, and bring projects to fruition.”

Philip Carr-Gomm, Chosen Chief (Emeritus), Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

“Living Treefully is a powerful metaphor for life. Pamela Meekings-Stewart’s concise journey through patterns of seasonal change is abundant with bite-sized kernels of wisdom.”

Dr. Danuta Raine

“Pamela reminds us of the growth and development of trees and how, like them, we can take our time for germination, growth, harvest and decay. This is a beautiful tool for re-imagining purpose in the 21st Century.”

Georgina Langdale, Centre for Nature Connection

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