Aroha Love

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Jade brings feelings of purity, serenity and tranquility, soothing the mind and releasing any negative thoughts, allowing you to deeply relax.

Dreams are enhanced by Jade, when placed on the forehead it brings insightful visions, stimulating the imagination. Allowing tasks seem more easily approachable and giving you the motivation to move forward. 

Keeping your Jade roller in the fridge or freezer cools them during the spring and summer months, then using the roller on your temples, jaw and neck helps to relax and soothe you.  

Tips and tricks for making the most out of your new Jade roller:

  • Wash your face before using the roller, you don’t want to massage grime or your make up into the skin.
  • Apply Aroha oils suited to your skin type, then use the Crystal Roller. It will help your skin to absorb these oils.
  • Use it consistently for a few minutes a day to feel the results
  • Make sure you keep your roller clean to prevent rubbing any dirt on your skin.
  • Cleanse your rollers under a full moon to cleanse and energise the crystal.

    Best paired with one of our beautiful Aroha facial oils our Jade Facial Roller is the ultimate facial massage tool to allow the oils to penetrate your skin more deeply.

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