Tuning Fork & Chakra Crystal Grid Instrument Set for Sound Healing

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Balance your chakras with the power of colour visualization for your energy centers. Stunning semi precious healing crystals, wrapped around to represent a full circle of all your chakras coming together to be whole. 

Harness the power of crystals with this lovely grid. Crystal gridding is a powerful tool to manifest your dreams into reality. An abundance of stones amplifies the energy of each crystal further charged by being placed in a sacred geometric pattern. The flower of life is an ancient symbol represented here in a fresh modern way.

It can be overwhelming to know which crystals to select and mix and match. Stones have been chosen with purpose and intention.

Crystal grids have a quartz point in the center for activation and to charge the potential of the rest of the grid. Activate your grid with intention and positive energy to achieve your goals and tap into the true power of crystals to change your life and make your visions possible.

Elevate your everyday and make magic possible by celebrating life’s simple moments with crystal grids in your environment.  

Jupiter biosonics tuning fork for healing paired with Ariana Ost crystal grid. Use the crystal grid as a sound healing instrument to unleash the powerful frequency of crystals. Amplify the healing power of crystals through sonic vibration. Attune your mind and body with our Sound Healing Crystal Kit. Tapping a BioSonics tuning fork to a crystal will instantaneously bring your nervous system into harmonic balance.
Allow your body to enter a state of relaxation and reduce stress, channeled by this deep meditative frequency.

Your mind will be at peace and your spirit will be elevated. 


Hold the tuning fork in one hand and the crystal grid in your other hand.
Gently tap the tuning fork to the crystal grid.
Close your eyes and meditate on the sound and the feeling of the crystal in your hand.
Let the sound waves move gently through all points of the body and energy field.
Let your creativity and intuition be your guide.

Tap the Jupiter Crystal Tuning Fork to bring the energy of abundance, good luck, good fortune. Tuned to 2937.28 cycles per second.

Sacred Geometric Pattern made of Brass-

Stones, all raw (wired wrapped onto grid)

Root - Red - jasper
Sacral - Orange - sunstone
Solar Plexus- Yellow- calcite
Heart - Green - fuchsite
Throat - Blue - sodalite
Third Eye - Purple - amethyst
Crown - White - clear quartz

Dimensions- 6” diameter 1” thick   Weight-  7oz   Rose Gold

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