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Bio Lip Elixir - A magical potion infused with ancient wisdom and natures medicine that bring your lips to life. The Lip Elixir is the highest nourishing, repairing, regenerating and lip plumping Lip Elixir possible.

The result is a high-gloss conditioning protective finish to use on its own for a sunkissed natural look or over your favourite Velvet Matte Lips to add moisture and gloss.


The ancient Egyptians practiced a very sacred ceremony upon the passing of loved ones called ‘The Opening of the Mouth’ where they would perform ritual focusing on the loved ones lips to symbolically open the mouth for enjoyment of eating, drinking and talking in their afterlife. We have taken inspiration from our ancient past and featured these sacred ingredients in the Bio Lip Elixir for ultimate lips. When applying the Lip Elixir, set the intention for beautiful healthy lips and enjoy the magic

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