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3'' Heart

Raku fired clay 

Dragonfly Heart Raku: Encourage Resiliency

Story card reads:

“Dragonflies have been around since before the dinosaurs. A few species migrate from the north to the south like birds and monarch butterflies”.


The rattles are unique, eye-catching and soothing to hold, and are also a percussion instrument that can be used to make music; rhythmic sound relieves stress naturally.

The miniature artful raku rattles are handmade in the Big Bend National Park area – as the Artist John Davis says “in a land far away in west Texas”. The rugged beauty and history of the Big Bend region helped inspire John's raku line. Inspiration comes from both the mountainous beauty, and the rich history associated with the area.

These individually handcrafted gifts come boxed – each with story cards.

Handmade in USA.

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