Crème Capyl - treatment cream for redness

Crème Capyl - treatment cream for redness

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Crème Capyl

Ideal for: Redness, Rosacea

Soothing treatment cream for diffused redness (cheeks, nose), rosacea. It helps strengthens the capillaries and improve microcirculation to remove redness, reduce irritation and bring comfort to the skin.


Red Vine : toning.

Centella Asiatica extract : tones capillaries.

Cypress essential oil and Horse chestnut : improves circulation, anti-inflammatory, relieves congestion of blood vessels.

Mother tincture : decongesting.

Grape : anti-inflammatory, calms redness, healing & firming.


Use morning and evening on cleansed skin. Massage a small quantity of the cream of redness only. Follow with the application of a moisturiser or serum.


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