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Aroha (Love) high vibrational energy mist is a beautiful blend.

Florals waters: Rose + Ylang
Essential oils: Organic Rose + Organic Lavender
Rongoā Māori: Harakeke extract
Smoke infusion: Palo Santo
Crystal: Rose Quartz 

Aroha energetic plant and flower mists are made with Aroha (Love), Karakia, Reiki and crystals and are perfect as gifts or for bringing love and cleansing magic into your environment, and to clear your auric field. 

Made in small batches, these energetic mists, potions are sacred. 

Spray over and above your body to uplift the energy field, to cleanse and purify the aura and the sacred spaces in your home and work. Adorn the energy + physical body for meditation, ritual, ceremony for connection and opening pathways.

"A hydrosol starts as a seed. It absorbs the sun and drinks the rain. It frolics with the wind, sings with the birds, sleeps with the moon. When harvest arrives, it dances with the Alembic to become one with fire and water. It rises as vapour and returns as a liquid." ~ Ann Harman

100ml $38 

100% natural ingredients. Hand crafted with pure intention at Aroha, Aotearoa. 

New Zealand only. 

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