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Tiger’s Eye is a stunning golden brown crystal known for its yellow bands and the occasional shimmer that flicks like the eye of a tiger. The name well symbolizes the properties this stone imbues. Many of the characteristics of a tiger can be manifested when using this stone: unwavering focus, courage, patience, determination, strength, and stealth.

Tiger’s eye has also historically been used as a protective stone, especially in unfamiliar places and when there may be negative intentions present. It is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity. It is great for entrepreneurs, those looking to change careers, those who want to find purpose, and anyone who needs to commit and pay attention to fine details to prepare for positive change.

When you meditate with tiger’s eye, it will be easier for you to transition into a high-vibrational state that is peaceful and harmonious, but also grounded.

Chakras: Root, sacral, solar plexus

Jade yoni healing eggs have been used for centuries by the most ‘in-tune’ women who knew that keeping good vaginal wellness was keeping universal wellness. Using a Yoni Egg is a sacred self love ritual.

The more in-tune a woman is in her femininity, the better all her relations will be. Using the Yoni Eggs while doing designated Kegel exercises, is incredibly healing, energy shifting and connecting for females. Not only will the Jade egg tighten the walls of the yoni (vagina), it will also increase sensitivity therefore increasing feelings of pleasure, and help heal any unwanted feelings of the past.

Medium size - drilled hole at the top approx 45 x 30mm

Small eggs are recommended for advanced users. Medium and Large eggs for beginners.

All Aroha yoni eggs are charged with Reiki.

*Crystal eggs will differ in clarity and colour. 

Each natural stone, and crystals are unique and may differ significantly from the photograph(s) illustrated. All items may have colour differences depending on screen resolutions or the operating system used.
Minerals and polished objects may have natural imperfections (crevices, cracks, cavities, shadows, inclusions, etc.)

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