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Jade yoni healing eggs have been used for centuries by the most ‘in-tune’ women who knew that keeping good vaginal wellness was keeping universal wellness. Using a Yoni Egg is a sacred self love ritual. 

Xiuyan Jade is also known as Serpentine Jade or Water Jade and is mainly from Xiuyan County in Liaoning Province, China. Colours vary from – white, yellow, light yellow, pink, green, dark green and light green, with various shades of green being the most common.

Xiuyan Jade assists in cellular regeneration and in replenishing one’s energy. It is also said to be beneficial for kidney function, hormone balance and relieving tension, making it a perfect stone for a Jade Egg practice.

Xiuyan Jade is very effective at awakening the kundalini energy and thus activating all chakras from the base to the crown in a safe and balanced way. Clearing blocked energies and allowing for a healthy, natural flow to be re-established – and as such can be particularly harmonising for a woman’s menstrual flow. 

Medium to Large eggs for beginners. 

Large size - drilled hole at the top approx 45 x 35mm - these are smaller than our other large eggs.

Medium size - drilled hole at top approx 45 x 30mm

*Crystal eggs will differ in clarity, size and colour.

Each natural stone, and crystals are unique and may differ significantly from the photograph(s) illustrated. All items may have colour differences depending on screen resolutions or the operating system used.
Minerals and polished objects may have natural imperfections (crevices, cracks, cavities, shadows, inclusions, etc.)

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