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A beautiful gift idea for meditation, connection, and for creating your own sacred space in your home and within yourself.

Included in this beautiful gift box

- Whakamaru (protection) mist
- Whakamaru (protection) Candle
- White sage stick
- Shungite crystal
- Woven gift box with lid

Whakamaru (protection) Mist

Florals waters: Vetiver & Rose, Vetiver & Rose essential oils) & Reiki
Essential oils: Rue, Vetiver & Rose.
Rongoā Māori: Kūmarahou (Pomaderris kumeraho) extract & Karakia (Māori blessing)
Smoke infusion: Copal Resin
Crystal: Obsidian

Aroha energetic plant and flower mists are made with Aroha (Love), Karakia, Reiki and crystals and are perfect as gifts or for bringing love and cleansing magic into your environment, and to clear your auric field. 

Whakamaru (protection) Candle

Protection + Grounding

Meaning: Whakamaru is the Māori word meaning to protect, shelter.
Essential oils: Rue, Vetiver & Rose
Rongoā Māori: Karakia (Māori blessing)
Smoke infusion: Copal Resin
Crystal: Obsidian

Story: A powerful protection candle. Created with the intention of protection for yourself and your environment. This candle is laced with obsidian flakes. Obsidian is a highly protective stone, a truth seeker.

Obsidian supports deep healing, activation of the root chakra and clearing negative emotions and negative energy.

Crystals will differ in size and shape. All Aroha crystals are cleansed and infused with Reiki energy upon arrival to our store.

Each natural stone, and crystals are unique and may differ significantly from the photograph(s) illustrated. All items may have colour differences depending on screen resolutions or the operating system used.

Minerals and polished objects may have natural imperfections (crevices, cracks, cavities, shadows, inclusions, etc.

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