Rainbow Healing Crystal Garland

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We are in love with these beautiful garlands.   

Magnificent rough raw hand wrapped semi precious crystals shining bright and assembled into a bejeweled garland with golden chain. 

Illuminate your space with light and shine from the crystals themselves. 

11 Crystals
3 fuchsite - for heart healing, connection to nature and grief relief. 
2 blue calcite - for calm, tranquility and expression.
1 pyrite - for grounding, luck and success.
1 amethyst for dreams intuition and anxiety relief. 
1 citrine - for joy and abundance.
1 clear quartz - for clarity and strength and light.
1 lepidolite -  to promote calm, comes from the Greek word for scale, bringing balance and harmony.
1 rose quartz - for peace, love, self-love and romance.

Approx 59" Length

Made in the USA. Made in NYC - Handmade with love. 

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