Shamans' Karanga

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Shaman’s Karanga 

Meaning: Karanga is the Māori word for ceremonial call, welcome call.
Scent: Pure Palo Santo, Sage and Lemon essential oils
Rongoā Māori: Karakia (Māori blessing)
Energy: Reiki & Aroha

Story: Powerful is the shamans' call as he sings the world into being and balance. Honouring nature and all of the creatures of our earth. Honouring humanity.
An elixir in the form of a candle for inner travels and intentional awareness.

Aroha's Shamans' Karanga Candle is an incandescent preparation of high vibrational elements to cleanse the environment, preparing for transcendence, meditation, connection and guidance.

We crafted to inspire deep understanding and vision and to celebrate and honour the Shamans that we know and have met around the world.

How to use: Light Aroha Candles with intention, allow the fragrance to gently awaken and fill your environment with the intended energy. Keep the candle lit for at least 2 hours on the first burn and put the candle out with the lid, with gratitude.

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