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Huhuatanga (Abundance) Sunstone Crystal

Aroha Love

Huhuatanga (Abundance) Sunstone Crystal
Huhuatanga (Abundance) Candle has been decorated with sunstone crystals for positive, sunny and abundant energy. We chose sun stone for the radiant energy this stone brings.
Truly reflecting the qualities of light, it brings openness, abundance, prosperity and warmth, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others. 

Known as a joyful stone, sunstone inspires the nurturing of self in order to be of service to others. It restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and provides a sense of abundance. 

With a stunning blend of wild honey, peach blossom, citrus and our Aroha sacred blending ritual. Huhuatanga Candle's scent is as delightful, rich and radiant as Autumn fruit. 

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