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Ngahere (Forest)

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Ngahere Candle – Forest 

For Māori the ngahere (forest) and all that lives within it is a taonga or treasure. In Māori tradition, people and forests are vitally connected – both were created by the god Tāne. A magical realm guarded by lizards, birds and other creatures, the forest also provided Māori with the necessities of life. The life force or mauri of a forest could be held within stones and guarded by lizards. With this candle creation we honour the ngahere and all the natural spaces held within Aotearoa. 

Fragrance Blend: Lilac, Vetiver & Pine (Flora & Fauna)
Rongoā Māori: Karakia (Māori blessing)
Smoke infusion: White sage
Taonga: Native Fern

How to use: Light Aroha Candles with intention, allow the fragrance to gently awaken and fill your environment with the intended energy. Keep the candle lit for at least 2 hours on the first burn and put the candle out with the lid, with gratitude.

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