Autumn Promotion Reiki Crystal Facial 

Aroha Bespoke Crystal Reiki 90 minute Facial $145 usually $165

Our bespoke Aroha Holistic Reiki facial involves a deeply relaxing holistic facial contouring treatment that Rosanna has been developing over the past 10 years.

Rosanna is a Reiki master teacher with over 10 year's Reiki experience. Aroha Healing's beautiful, powerful holistic Reiki facial treatment will take you to another world as well as bringing awareness, enlightenment and deep peace.

Aroha Healing Reiki facials incorporate the healing energy of Reiki, beautiful Aroha oils and crystals to promote healthy, balanced and rejuvenated skin. Reiki is a spiritual healing art form. It is subtle yet powerful.

An effective form of energy healing that leaves the participant in a state of deep peace with an energized, healing, soothing inner warmth and glow. So relaxing!

The Aroha Reiki facial is a powerful experience. To read more please click here or email us to make a booking.

Mantrabands™ at Aroha Love!

Mantraband bracelets promote a lifestyle of optimism, positivity and mindfulness.
Wear your Mantraband as your daily reminder, affirmation and inspiration for life. Made of adjustable stainless steel, Mantrabands will not rust, tarnish, or corrode.

Mantrabands are made to last a lifetime.

Please contact us prior to popping in to make sure your Mantraband is in stock.

Silver: $40 Gold: $45 Rose Gold: $45

We have beautiful products available to you at Aroha Love in Grey Lynn.

  • Aroha organic rosehip oil
  • Beautiful crystals
  • Certified organic magnesium oil
  • Eye of Horus natural makeup
  • Phyts certified organic skincare
  • Tailor skincare
  • Organic New Zealand grown white sage sticks
  • Jade and Rose quartz healing eggs for women
  • Wheatbags