Aroha Facial oils are made with Aroha (Love), Karakia, Reiki and crystals and are perfect as gifts or for bringing love and healing magic to your skin and your aura.

We began creating the Aroha collection in 2008 and the first product was an Aroha oil. Made in small batches, these oils are sacred and energetically unique. 

Uplifting your energy field, nourishing and purifying the skin and aura as this is sacred and what is radiated to the world. Adorn for meditation, ritual, ceremony for connection and opening pathways.

Aroha Facial potions are available for both normal - dry skin and combination - oily skin types. Gorgeous, aromatic facial oil infusions to make your skin feel amazing.

100% natural ingredients hand crafted with pure intention at Aroha, Aotearoa.

2 products

2 products