Aroha Love

In the western world we are often taught that our loved ones are lost to us and that all our hopes are gone when they cross over. This was never true and our loved ones are there for us at special times in our lives, when we need them and sometimes just to remind us that they are there. 

'The Mãori Oracle' was written and illustrated by P.A. Minnell to help provide a pathway for the language of spirit between ourselves and our loved ones on the other side. It honors the New Zealand Mãori tradition of seeking guidance and advice from our Tipuna. The word Tipuna talks about ancestors but also loved ones and even friends who might have recently passed. 'The Mãori Oracle' uses many of the teaching stories and portents that are still used by Mãori from tribes all over New Zealand. This beautiful oracle deck offers anyone, from any culture, an opportunity to reconnect to one's own heritage and ancestors with a sense of divine guidance from one's own family.
'The Mãori Oracle' is a beautifully boxed set and comes with 58 oracle cards and an 80 page guidebook featuring insights into old Mãori spirituality, customs and language. 

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