Super Seven Crystal Tear Drop

Aroha Love

Super Seven Crystal Tear Drop

Energising I Healing I Awakening I Balancing 

If you are wanting to enhance and take your awareness to the next level, then a super seven crystal may be just what you need. Working with all seven chakras the super seven crystal is awesome and powerful.

A stunning smiling crescent moon brings joy and harmony to any environment. Perfect for meditation, this is a powerful combination of seven energetic crystals that bring wonderful benefits.

AmethystAmethyst is beautiful, calming and brings positive energy. A wonderful crystal to support healing. Amethyst compliments the crown chakra supporting deep restful sleep and overcoming addictive tendancies. 
Clear Quartz - A master crystal and an amplifier of other crystals.  Clear quartz is cleansing, protecting bringing harmony and balance to all the chakras.
Smoky Quartz - Protecting and grounding. This stone is also renowned for its healing properties and it is often used for stress and anxiety reduction. Smoky quartz also works to enhance memory and helps to gain mental clarity and calmness.
As a grounding stone, Smoky Quartz works with the Root Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.
Rutilated Quartz - A
n excellent crystal for strength, love and vitality within relationships. Since Rutiles are often found embedded in other crystals, they promote vitality and positive energy. Rutile Quartz, or Rutilated Quartz, can help to support those with depression and increase self -confidence.
Cacoxenite - A stone of enlightenment and creativity, Cacoxenite activates and supports the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Regarded as a 'stone of ascension' inviting spiritual enlightenment and awareness with its high vibrational properties. Supporting us to see the positive, benevolent side of life; it promotes peace of mind and opens us up to embracing new concepts. 
Goethite Enhances intuition and creativity and is wonderful for supporting concentration and focusA powerful grounding stone that supports those suffering from emotions such as grief and heartbreak. It works by releasing emotional blockages, helping the process of healing, and moving on. 
Lepidocrocite - A joyful stone, Lepidocrocite supports the heart chakra. A calming and enthusiastic stone that supports those with depression, easing hyperactive behaviours. Lepidocrocite also supports grounding, expansion and retaining of knowledge. 

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