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These beautiful bracelets are made with the greatest care in order to respect the nature and the quality of the mineral. Héliotrope Jasper stone has been meticulously crafted to obtain small 6mm balls which, when assembled, constitute a magnificent bracelet in green and red color.

Héliotrope Jasper, also called blood jasper, is a green variety spotted with red.

Spirtiual significance

Jasper stone is also called 'supreme protector'.
Energies bring support and serenity in difficult times.
Jasper balances yin and yang and harmonizes the physical, emotional and mental body with the etheric body.
Depending on its colour, Jasper has additional properties which are added to the generic ones.

Héliotrope Jasper stone combines the purifying energy of green with the vitality of red. A soft anchor stone, it inspires us with stability and courage. Héliotrope Jasper, on the psychic level, helps to find its way.

Héliotrope Jasper stone acts particularly on the Root chakra (1).

Purification and recharging
A natural stone bracelet must be purified (white sage or palo santo) as soon as you take possession of it. 
Héliotrope Jasper Ball Bracelet recharges in the sun or place onto a clear quartz cluster, obsidian charging plate or or a piece of Amethyst.


All Aroha crystals are cleansed and infused with Reiki energy upon arrival to our store.

Each natural stone, and crystals are unique and may differ significantly from the photograph(s) illustrated. All items may have colour differences depending on screen resolutions or the operating system used.
Minerals and polished objects may have natural imperfections (crevices, cracks, cavities, shadows, inclusions, etc.)

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