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Sustainably harvested from the coastal mountains of California.

Combined sacred herbs of sage, cedar and copal honour and invoke Grandfather's blessings.  

The addition of copal resin to the smudge sticks connects a pathway to your soul during smudging ceremonies allowing one to look both within and, seek external guidance and protection. Grandfather + Grandmother smudge sticks are perhaps the sweetest of smudges.

This bundle of herbs is powerfully fragrant. Use in your prayers and ceremonies. Made in USA from 100% ethically wild crafted plants.

The Smoky Quartz crystal stone meaning comes from its connection to the root chakra. By balancing this energy center, Smoky Quartz offers a sense of stability and security, which explains why it has such a grounding effect on those who use it. 

The Smoky Quartz crystal meaning works to connect you to the supportive energy of the Earth while also connecting you to a higher state of being, guiding you to move on from lower vibrational energies that may weigh you down or hold you back. Because of its powerful cleansing and detoxing properties, this stone is one of the most powerful stones to work with for releasing and letting go of any and all unwanted energies in your energy field.

To burn a smudge stick - simply light the tip, blow it out and gently move in a clockwise direction, or place in a glass or metal container (one that will not burn) with sand or salt placed therein to hold the smudge upright. To extinguish, invert smudge into the sand or salt to smother. 

Create a beautiful clear connection, clear vibration in your energy and environment with Grandfather smudge sticks.

Available for New Zealand customers only.  

You will receive a Grandfather smudge + Smoky Quartz crystal.

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