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Way Better Than Cocoa Powder

Ecstatic late night singing and dancing may leave you wondering what happened after drinking this potent chocolate coming from regenerative farms on the Northwest coast of Ecuador. We find this cacao to be excellent for focused energy and productivity - it has quickly become one of our top go-to weekday cacaos

The BIG STORY of this cacao is that the 85 farmers firefly source from within the EcoCacao Cooperative are being paid a regenerative premium for adopting practices that go beyond organic and enhance soil quality, biodiversity, and watershed function. One of the problems with typical cacao pricing is that farmers are paid per kilogram of cacao beans, so even if a farmer goes above and beyond to tend to the ecosystem, they see no monetary benefit. The regenerative premium is a way to address that, and rewards farmers for the "ecosystem services" they provide through cacao cultivation. This model is the first of its kind in the cacao world, and with a similar premium to what organic fetches, could provide significant incentive for farmers to factor ecosystem services into their farming practices.

Why is this needed? While organic is an important baseline, there is still a lot of organic cacao that is grown in sun drenched monocultures, that effectively mines the soil of its fertility, and erodes watersheds over time. That's certainly not what we desire to accomplish with ceremonial cacao, and part of our sourcing trips have been to validate that all of the farmer networks we source from go far beyond organic and actually create long term thriving of the ecosystems. Now having a framework through which farmers receive a premium for their work tending to biodiversity, soils, and water, is a huge leap forward, and we hope the model will spread far beyond Ecuador.

We're so happy to be able to support regenerative agriculture specifically in this region of Ecuador, the Esmeraldas province. Much of the cacao is grown at sea level, and is one of the last intact rainforest corridors connecting ocean to inland rainforest preserves. Satellite mapping of the region over the last decade has shown that regenerative farming is effectively buffering deforestation in the region, and maintaining a wildlife corridor for species such as monkeys to move safely to the ocean and back. 

**This is an 8oz bag that you will receive.

Feels: Blissful, Playful, Innocent
Useful For:
 Dancing and Celebration
Tastes Like: Chicory, Molasses, Pepper


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