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Boca is active cacao made of carefully fermented, lightly roasted and ground whole cacao beans. Nothing has been added or removed. 

Its just the bean.

Cacao beans are the healthiest, happiest food on the planet ​naturally rich ​in antioxidants,​ ​minerals and energy-boosting compounds. Drink Boca mixed with water, or snack on it. It will rejuvenate your body, trigger your mind and open you heart.

A rich and indulgent drinking cacao, Amante ("Lover" in Spanish) gives you a strong chocolate aroma that lingers before climaxing into a nutty, creamy and honey flavour with a mandarin-like finish. 

All BOCA cubes are unprocessed, unsweetened and made of carefully fermented and roasted 100% whole cacao beans, sourced from independent and sustainable community-run farms in South America. 

Directions: Add 1 x BOCA Amante cube (equals one serving) into 100ml hot water, and mix for 15-20 seconds using a blender or a milk frother. Have it straight up or customize to your liking. 

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